Lihue Airport

February 1, 2001

A Safari Helicopters Euro-Copter Aerostar 350 experienced a hydraulic hold-over & rolled over during a check before takeoff. No injuries.

June 14, 2000

A Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-51, Flight No. 193, made a hard landing on Runway 35. A portion of the airplane’s aft pressure bulkhead was found bent, and the airplane was substantially damaged. None of the 359 souls on board were injured.

November 18, 1981

A Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-80 taxied into the mud along the main runway, closing the airport for five hours until it could be towed out. There were no injuries.

September 5, 1980

The pilot of an experimental craft lost control of his homemade plane while performing high-speed taxi tests on the runway and crashed into a parked and unoccupied tour aircraft. There were no injuries.

November 10, 1978

A near mid-air collision occurred between a Hawaiian Airlines DC-9 and an Island Air Beach 18. The incident occurred about 5,500 feet over the ocean about 16 miles from Lihue Airport. The HAL plane was enroute to Lihue and the Island Air plane had just taken off.

February 28, 1976

A twin-engine Beechcraft tour plane carrying nine passengers veered off the runway while landing, going through a fence and coming to a halt in an irrigation ditch. There were no injuries to passengers in the Panorama Air Tours plane.

October 11, 1969

A Skyways Air Cargo plane from Honolulu landed with its left engine in flames. Quick work by the crash fire crew and the pilot averted serious damage to the plane. There were no injuries.

October 19, 1959

A Hawaiian Air National Guard pilot brought a smoking F86L fighter-interceptor plane into Lihue Airport for a perfect, power-off, emergency landing in the dark. There were no injuries. The fire was extinguished by crash fire crews.