HAC Minutes 1952

HAC 1952-01-28.pdf

Summary: alterations to HNL Terminal; project application for Hilo Terminal; construction of Kamuela Airport; plans for Kamuela Airport terminal structure; land title Hilo Airport; improvements to HAL terminal drainage system, HNL; Kahului hangar no. 3; request from Parks Board for airport land; operational budget approval; Sky Room Restaurant request for separate in-flight kitchen; extension to Interisland coffee shop; extension to Overseas Terminal, HNL; lei vendor’s stands; merger of Hawaiian School of Aeronautics with Trans-Air Hawaii; HATS hangar; request for occupancy of Tern Island, French Frigate Shoals by Coast Guard; HAC committees; major maintenance & construction budget; future terminal for Interisland operations; finance committee recommendations; Zoning Board; implementation plan for Airport Guards.

HAC 1952-02-16.pdf

Summary: resurfacing & drainage, Hilo, Molokai and Kahului airports; west-side plane service, Kauai; reservoir, Maui; improvements to terminal occupied by HAL, at HNL; coffee shop on north side of HNL; Finance Committee recommendations.

HAC 1952-03-13.pdf

Summary: TPA delinquency & maintenance hangar; Cy Gillette resignation; resolution transferring salary charges from Airport Fund (fuel tax) to Airport Revenue Fund; allocation for HNL terminal construction; purchase of Andrew Flying Service hangar; development of permanent maintenance area, Hilo; high intensity lights, Hilo; Kamuela freight & passenger terminals; use of reservoir at Puunene by Maui Waterworks Board; furniture for Kahului terminal; paving of ramp, Kahului; Kahului restaurant; Kahului freight building; passenger fence, Kahului; Lanai Airport land purchase; Molokai spot patching; HNL medium intensity lights; parking rates at Crossleys; HNL Master Plan; lei vendor stands, HNL; street lighting, HNL; expansion of overseas terminal, HNL; HAL terminal; Irish Cab Company.

HAC 1952-04-28.pdf

Summary: Interisland restaurant, HNL; South Point Airport maintenance; Hilo terminal building; grant offer, Hilo Terminal; Kona T-hangars; janitorial positions, Kahului Airport; reefers, Kahului Airport; PA system, Kahului; Kalaupapa Airport improvements; ticket counters and passenger parking area, Kahului Airport; Puunene land sale; T-hangars, Lihue; Lihue terminal extension; HNL Master Plan; Airways Hotel, HNL; Airport Zoning Board; HNL-Hickam AFB taxiway tie-in; project application HNL taxiway extension; rental rate for lei vendor stands; statistical assistance; private flying; interisland coffee shop.

HAC 1952-05-03.pdf

Summary: special meeting to discuss appropriations to complete Kahului Airport; interisland restaurant.

HAC 1952-05-26.pdf

Summary: additional caretaker for Kona Airport; National Guard request at Hilo Airport; HNL Master Plan; removal of old Navy buildings at HNL; alteration of Overseas Terminal Building; Andrew Flying Service hangar; Kahului Airport restaurant concession; Kahului Airport opening postponed; taxi, u-drive & tour operators at Hawaii, Maui & Kauai; operators in HNL; landscaping lei vendors stands; Interisland coffee shop; TPA account delinquency.

HAC 1952-06-23.pdf

Summary: terminal building rental rates; Kahului Airport title; transfer of funds from deferred projects; Interisland coffee shop; TPA account; Airways Hotel; project application Hilo Airport; award of contract for Hilo Terminal; National Guard request for use of airport property; grading of entrance to Hilo Airport; Kohala Sugar Company request at Upolu Airport; Kona Airport T-hangars; Kahului opening set for June 24; National Guard hangar at Kahului; night watchman, Kahului; alterations to Lihue Terminal; gasoline facilities, Lihue; parking, Lihue Airport; project application HNL; NAF areas, HNL; pavilion for lei sellers; election of officers.