HAC Minutes 1948

HAC 1948-01-05.pdf

Summary: policy regarding administrative employees; open hearing for operators; student flying at Kipapa; indequacy of runway lights at Hilo; high winds on north/south runway at Hilo; night lights at Molokai; administration employees owning an interest in enterprises conducted at airports; rules & regulations; Nopaero Apartment lease; commlunications concession.

HAC 1948-01-10.pdf

Summary: Sponsor’s Assurance Agreement Lanai.

HAC 1948-01-16.pdf

Summary: Special meeting to hear Harlan Bartholomew speaking about airport planning.

HAC 1948-02-02.pdf

Summary: Lorrin Thurston requested relocation of southern portion of Kailua Airstrip; firefighting HNL; restaurant concession, HNL; improvements to Commission offices; Kipapa Airfield student flying; Nopaero request for quonset huts; location of Kona Airport.

HAC 1948-02-06.pdf

Summary: Special meeting to reconsider possibility of changing the runway location at Kailua, Kona.

HAC 1948-02-16.pdf

Summary: airpport leases, rates & policy; Kona Airport runway; Airways Hotel Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge; barbershop concession; restaurant & cocktail lounge; golf course, Honolulu Airport; police enforcement of air regulations.

HAC 1948-02-26.pdf

Summary: Honolulu Airport buildings title agreement; Bellows Field lease; terminal facilities, HNL; restaurant & cocktail lounge; Kailua Airport alignment.

HAC 1948-03-01.pdf

Summary: Bellows Field lease; restaurant & cocktail lounge; Kailua Airport location; Kipapa airfield; auto service garage concession.

HAC 1948-03-12.pdf

Summary: Lanai Airport bids; Kailua, Kona delineation of land; sponsor’s assurance agreement, Kailua Kona; designation of seaplane bases; Kailua Airport name changed to Kona Airport; Bellows Field ROW; Kipapa Airfield negotiations; status of projects relating to public works; Kahului Maui lease; CAB hearing.

HAC 1948-03-22.pdf

Summary: Kipapa Airfield lease; adoption of grant agreement for Lanai Airport; Kailua Airport progress; Bellows Field progress.

HAC 1948-04-05.pdf

Summary: lobby decoration, furniture, HNL; automotive repair shop lease; HATS proposal for aid & assistance; Trans-Air hangar construction; Navy proposal to move aluminum building; Molokai Airport supervisor hired; Bellows Field opened April 4; Lanai Airport construction to begin April 12; landing strip approved at Kipapa Airfield; Hawaiian gift shop in HNL lobby; designation of police powers; painting of quonset huts; transfer of area at HNL; improvements to terminal building at Kahului Airport; Kona Airport improvements; restaurant-snack bar at HNL; Woolley delinquency; taxi concession; leases for operators at Honolulu Airport; shuttle service Hilo to Kona.

HAC 1948-04-14.pdf

Summary: student solo flying at HNL; Kahului Terminal plans.

HAC 1948-05-03.pdf

Summary: bids proposals for construction of Kailua Kona Airport; acceptance of Grant Agreement for Kailua Kona Airport; purchase of 10 quonset huts for use as terminal; disposal of Navy buildings at Upolu Airport; policy on taxi service at Overseas Terminal, Honolulu; Aero Service & Supply rental; Sexton’s proposal for long-term lease; HATS hangar; weeds at Kamuela Airport; progress of Port Allen Airport; Keehi Lagoon solo flying; Kipapa Airfield progress.

HAC 1948-05-25.pdf

Summary: insurance renewal on Overseas Terminal Building; coffee shop luncheon counter; transfer of land to Navy, General Lyman Field; future status of Maui Airport (Puunene), status of relationship with Andrew Flying Service; cocktail lounge & restaurant agreement; Port Allen Airport reopening.

HAC 1948-05-28.pdf

Summary: restaurant bid; rules & regulations.

HAC 1948-06-07.pdf

Summary: Keehi Lagoon solo flying; Kipapa Airport lease ; Hana Airport plans; service station proposal; Port Allen Airport paving completed; status of operation of tower at Bellows Field.

HAC 1948-06-21.pdf

Summary: Bellows Field airshow; Kipapa lease negotiations; purchase from Naavy of French Frigate Shoals improvements; service station proposal; accident report on flight to Kauai; insurance on terminal building; lobby furniture, terminal building; Honolulu Vocational School; taxi stalls at terminal building; Woolley Aircraft Company, Airways Hotel insurance; Territorial Rifle Association; appraisal of all privately owned hangars & structures; lunch stand, Interisland Terminal;.

HAC 1948-07-06.pdf

Summary: Kahului lease; trip to French Frigate Shoals; amendment to Grant Agreement for Lanai Airport; organizational chart for HAC; taxicab concession; lei sellers at HNL; Woolley Aircraft delinquency; Kipapa lease still pending; CAA inspection of Lanai Airport.

HAC 1948-08-02.pdf

Summary: Lihue Airport Sponsor’s Assurance Agreement; Haleiwa Airport release to Army; French Frigate Shoals inspection trip; Kipapa Airport opening; appraisal of hangars & buildings; Spencecliff Corporation lease; pin ball machines, HNL; Hilo Airport Control Tower; Kipapa Airfield land rental; progress at Kona Airport.

HAC 1948-09-03.pdf

Summary: Appointment of Glenn T. Belcher as Director.

HAC 1948-09-13.pdf

Summary: Lihue Airport Grant Agreement; purchase of private structures, HNL; lobby furniture; taxi concession for Hilo; French Frigate Shoals requests; parking concession HNL; coca cola dispensing machines; gift & photographic concessions, HNL; police officers for Hilo Airport; Hilo Control Tower; apointment of Mark E. Martin’s appointment as superintendent of Hawaii County Airports; award for Lihue Airport construction; removal of power lines from Kailua (Oahu) Airport; purchase of private building from HNL.

HAC 1948-10-04.pdf

Summary: Hilo Control Tower; application for development of Hana Airport; Maui taxi concession; superintendent of safety regulations; post office substation at HNL; lei stands at HNL; airport leases; highway intersection sign; roadway signs; appointment of airport superintendent for Maui.

HAC 1948-10-15.pdf

Summary: seeking return of Maui Army, Puunene from Navy; Honolulu Airport leases.

HAC 1948-11-01.pdf

Summary: Maui taxicab concession; acquisition of additional land Maui Airport Puunene; turnover of French Frigate Shoals by Navy to Territory; rental rates outside islands; construction of terminal building at Kailua (Kona) Airport; GI Training programs; public relations director; delinquent accounts; Hilo Control Tower; purchase of buildings at HNL; leases, HNL; open hearing on Stanley Lum violations.

HAC 1948-11-08.pdf

Summary: Maui taxi concession rates; Airways Hotel leases; delinquent accounts.

HAC 1948-12-06.pdf

Summary: Kipapa Airfield operational hazards; luncheonette, Honolulu Airport; Hana Airport construction; Hilo Airport construction; Hana Airport Grant Offer; advertising proposal, Honolulu Airport; parking lot on Hawaiian Airlines side of Honolulu Airport; policy regarding non-aeronautical activities; study of acquiring Kailua (Oahu) Airport; carpenter & painter positions at Maui Airport; Airways Hotel account.

HAC 1948-12-13.pdf

Summary: Trans-Air Hawaii & Aero Service & Supply delinquent accounts; other delinquent accounts; Maui taxicab concession.