HAC Minutes 1956

HAC 1956-01-21.pdf

Summary: preferential rate air taxi operations; demolition of buildings within NAF area,HNL; painting TPA hangar; additional counter space Overseas Terminal; rezoning of Damon Estate Property, effect upon airport development plans; CAA hangar roof replacement; HAL request for rate adjustment; HAL lease request; Kalaupapa Airport EQ building; Kahului Airport drainage ditch cleaning; transfer deed Kahului Airport; improvements to passenger terminal building Hana Airport; main water supply Hana Airport; extension of runway Hana Airport; approach end, Runway 8, Hana Airport; Hana Airport access road; surplus buildings at Port Allen; ground transportation license Lihue; contract award for medium intensity runway lighting at Hilo; rehabilitation of PAM hangars at HNL.

HAC 1956-02-25.pdf

Summary: full time legal counsel; request from Maui County for 2 quonset huts at Kahului Airport; terminal planning and coordating committee HNL; demolition of buildings NAF area, HNL; alterations to foreign arrival area; coin-operated lockers; acquisition of land parcels from Damon Estate; establishment of budget limits for new terminal & ground facilities development; establishment of additional positions; relocation of hangar 30 to HNL from Puunene; perimeter fencing; HAL rate adjustment; Andrew Flying Service/Transocean Air Lines request to sublease space; preferential rental rate for air taxi operators.

HAC 1956-03-24.pdf

Summary: paving additional parking lot & flood lighting, Lihue; additional restrooms in Terminal building, Lihue; exchange of land with Lihue Plantation; rate for ground transpotation car parking stalls; resolution from Maui Economic Development Association requesting return of surplus land in fee simple title to the Territory, Puunene Airport; NAS Puunene fire claim; quitclaim deed, Kahului Airport; Control Tower at Kahului; ground transportation license, Hana Airport; pavement rehabilitation, Hana; request to operate a flying school, Kipapa Airport; HNL terminal planning & coordination committee; operation of airport housing by Hawaii Housing Authority; Hawaiian Wholesale Food Plan proposal; request for extension of tenancy, Naval Air Facilities area; Hawaiian Airmotive request for hangar; Hickam AFB Master Plan; Honolulu Airport Housing; possible effect due to new airpoprrt development on Kalihi playground; budget limitation on new terminal development; perimeter fencing, HNL; HNL terminal basic layout site plan; new site location Honolulu Technical School.

HAC 1956-04-28.pdf

Summary: employee policy; relocation of existing baggage counter, Kona; construction of car ports, Hilo; regulation of pre-arranged ground transportation services, Hilo; HVB information office; rehabilitation of airport pavement in landing area, Hana; MEO request for transfer of surplus land, Puunene; National Bureau of Standards, radio propagation field station, Puunene; quitclaim dead Kahului Airport; request from Corps of Engineers for use of building at Kahului; Transocean Air Lines request for assignment of land area within airport master plan, HNL; request for sale of air trip travel insurance over-the-counter; extension of drainage culverts, Lihue; Damon Tract land use, HNL; CAP invitation.

HAC 1956-05-26.pdf

Summary: employee policy revision; terminal planning & coordinating committee; acquisition of land for Runway 8-26, Hilo; quitclaim deed, Kahului; update on Kahului Airport projects; project expenditures; use of closed runways for drag racing at Puunene; MEO request for transfer of surplus land, Puunene; lease transfer to Pacific Skyways, Port Allen; HNL sewer system; HNL baggage handling facilities.

HAC 1956-06-15.pdf

Summary: proposed operating budget FY 1957; heliport survey; restaurant lease renewal, Kahului; transfer of housing projects to Hawaii Housing Authority, Kahului; HNL baseyard fencing; Murrayair request for additional lean-to, HNL; Vacations Hawaii request for permision to have drivers meet prepaid passengers at airport; resolution from Board of Supervisors regarding loss of housing at HNL; Lockheed Air Terminal request for permission to conduct business at HNL; Transocean Air Lines request for space; Standard Oil Company proposal to install fuel storage & distribution system; sewer request at HNL; appropriation for condemnation of land in Damon Tract area; appropriation for funds for pavilion type shelter for military traffic, Hilo Airport.

HAC 1956-07-28.pdf

Summary: Legislative proposals; Terminal planning & coordinating committee; CAP apapropriation; Damon Tract land acquisition, HNL; additional facilities for foreign arrivals, HNL; Airways Hotel rental adjustment; Transolcean Air Lines request for land area within master plan, HNL; Lockheed AirTerminal request to do business on airport; MATS use of lobby space in Overseas Terminal; Gray Line Hawaii ground transportation operations; transfer of interest Your Guide to Hawaii; traffic survey HNL; painting & repairs to PAM hangars; Damon Tract zoning; aircraft-crash-rescue oeprations,HNL; Maui Visitors Bureau for space at Kahului Terminal; additional land for extension of Runway 8-26, Hilo; construction of new taxiway, Hilo; Murrayair request for rental of T-hangars, Hilo; relocation of baggage claim counter, Kona; status of Upolu Airport; terminal building alterations & repairs, & construction of maintenance garage & store room, Kalaupapa; HAL request that Lanai Airport be supplied with commercial electric power; sale of steel, Puunene; grading of overrun, west, end, Hana; Kahului Airport Tower; location of local air carriers in Interisland wing of new terminal.

HAC 1956-08-31.pdf

Summary: private flying; maternity leave policy; request to transfer land in Kapalama to Board of Harbor Commissioners; HHA report on airport housing project; Vacations Hawaii request for ground transportation (prepaid) license; additional covered waiting area on field side of Overseas Terminal Building; Cockett Airlines delinquent account; Honolulu Air Complex Joint Real Estate Transfer Committee; Airport Terminal Complex preliminary plans, master plan & Damon Tract area; Lockheed Air Terminal license; airport complex model; quarters for employeees subject to call on a 24-hour basis; lanai enclosure, Lihue Airport; public hearing on continued operation of Upolu Airport; relocation of baggage counter, Kona Airport; survey of runway conditions, Kalaupapa; commercial power report, Lanai; jet noise study. Copy of letter from AOPA to Governor regarding low status of private & business flying in Territory.

HAC 1956-09-13.pdf

Summary: approval of development of construction plans & working drawings, HNL; Cockett Airlines account status; request to sublease space to Japan Airlines; revised terminal basic layout & Master Plan; deed to adjacent land, Hana airport; HNL Master Plan.

HAC 1956-09-29.pdf

Summary: approval of Raymond Walton as assistant director of Aeronautics; rental rate of concrete buildings; Standard Oil request for rental of open storage area; Cockett Airlines account status; space requests; transfer of title of surplus buildings to Dept of Institutions; additional covered waiting area on field side of Overseas Terminal Building; City Planning Commission request for joint meeting with HAC re: Damon Tract; HAL sewer request; HAL request for placement of Nose Hangar; Master Plan report; lalnd & access road ownership, Lanai Airport; commercial electrical power at Lanai Airport; Kahului Airport Control Tower; contract award for new terminal, vehicle parking area, Molokai Airport; Murrayair request to rent private plane hangar, Hilo; HAL baggage claim counters; proposed extension of automobile road running parallel to Runway 3, Hilo; amendment to grant agreement for Hilo Airport; House Resolution No. 15, Kona Airport study; House Resolution No. 8, reconsideration of closing Upolu Airport; resignation of Director of Aeronautics.

HAC 1956-10-10.pdf

Summary: Transocean Air Lines request for additional space; JAL space requirement; new terminal facilities; reconsideration of award of contract for construction of new terminal facilities, Molokai; amendment to grant agreement for Molokai Airport.

HAC 1956-10-27.pdf

Summary: AOPA request to acquire Kipapa Airstrip & Kailua Sky Ranch sites; combined meeting re: Damon Tract; Airport Users Assn request for meeting with HAC; preliminary plans for new terminal, HNL; stockpile of fill materials, HNL; AOPAH request for facilities for small plane hangars; JAL maintenance space; Andrew Flying Service proposed new facility; Kailua Sky Ranch request for space at HNL; request to install Coke machine at lei stands; additional covered waiting area at HNL; restaurant space requirements for new HNL terminal; proposed Air Force lease & demolition of buildings; relocation of US Navy telephone exchange; Murrayair request to erect quonset on present site; DPI request to erect two new quonsets; CAA request to install VOR, Maui; HHA request for extension of lease, Hawaii; toilet facilities in private plane hangar area, Hilo; award of contract for construction of Taxiway 8-16, General Lyman; terminal planning & coordinating committee; policy regarding construction of building to house gasoline for carriers & private plane owners; new director of aeronautics.

HAC 1956-11-13.pdf

Summary: joint meeting of City Planning Commission, US Navy, Air Force, Army, CAA & HAC re the future development of HNL.

HAC 1956-11-24.pdf

Summary: extension of ground transportation licenses, Neighbor Island airports; revised federal aid program; request for compromise settlement Skyline Apartments; additional coin-operated baggage lockers; employee housing perquisites; CAA & Weather Bureau space requirements for new Terminal; Maui resolution re lights at Hana and Lanai airports; disposal of surplus beacon tower, Molokai; public hearing re continued operation of Upolu Airport; amendment to grant agreement, General Lyman; acquisition of Damon Tract.

HAC 1956-12-07.pdf

Summary: contract with Lockheed Air Terminal; Dept of Public Works request for appropriation.

HAC 1956-12-21.pdf

Summary: revised capital budget for HNL; proposed engineering contract, HNL; Aloha Motors’ account; resurfacing of Runway 4-L; proposed lease with RCA for new public address system; Big Island U-drive’s request for building & parking area, General Lyman; extension of road at private plane hangars area, General Lyman; request to transfer ownership of Skyway Lounge concessionare at General Lyman; request to use Kona access road; request to erect private plane hangar at Upolu; resurfacing Kalaupapa Runway; construction of Kahului Tower; Kipapa air strip.