The John Rodgers Airport

Honolulu Advertiser
March 22, 1927

Honolulu has seen the evolution of transportation from the Chinese junk and the Yankee clipper in ye olden days to the palatial liner, the fast freighter—and now the airplane.

The dedication of the John Rodgers airport near Honolulu is a significant milestone in Honolulu’s transportation history.  The event virtually signalizes the inauguration of commercial aviation in Hawaii.  At least, it makes possible the innovation and symbol of twentieth century progress.

In years to come it is destined to become a center in this new era.  It is the pioneer of the many big commercial stations that will ultimately be located in Hawaii.  And because of that fact, it will find its rightful place in history—not only of Hawaii—but of the American nation as well.

That aviation will enter the commercial life of Hawaii, there is no doubt.  Definite steps to that end are already being taken.  The John Rodgers airport is one of these steps.