TAC Minutes 1929

TAC 1929-01-18.pdf

Summary: weather vanes at John Rodgers, Lanai airports; planning for Port Allen Airport; dredging at John Rodgers Airport; amendments to the territorial aviation law.

TAC 1929-02-16.pdf

Summary: Dredging at John Rodgers Airport; Lewis Field inadequacies for tourist flights; Dept of Commerce letter stating that the TAC can regulate the establishment of airports within the Territory whether the same be private or commercial; hangar at John Rodgers Airport; Koko Head landing field; EO adding 86 acres to Hilo Airport; Coast Guard Cutter to be stationed in Territory; request to obtain Army portion of Port Allen Airport; request Chambers of Commerce on each island to assist in raising funds for airports; budget; air mail; aerial photography.

TAC 1929-03-25.pdf

Summary: bids at Port Allen Airport; funding for airport development; air mail contract; members of the TAC.

TAC 1929-04-04.pdf

Summary: Legislative actions, rules, regulations; landing fields at Maili and Lahaina; development of John Rodgers Airport; aviation complaint; hangar use and fees; Port Allen Field; request from Hawaiian Aeronautical Industries Ltd to erect a temporary hangar at John Rodgers Airport; decision to name airfields after their locations not after Trans-Pacific flyers.

TAC 1929-04-25.pdf

Summary: Governor to veto bill to abolish TAC; clearing of Port Allen Field & Barking Sands Field (Mana); Lihue Dairy Field Old Race Tract Field (Kepaa); Maui Chamber of Commerce; territorial powder magazine at Hilo Airport; Lewis Field vacated; TAC logo.

TAC 1929-05-15.pdf

Summary: Commission reappointed; examination and rating of private flying fields; landing fields at Kaanapali, Koko Head, Upolu Point, Ulupalakua; bids for John Rodgers Airport; financial request to the Chamber of Commerce regarding Rodgers Airport; Inter-Island Airways request for a hangar at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1929-05-29.pdf

Summary: Amendments to the Air Commerce Regulations of the TAC; rates & charges for operating at airports and landing fields; hangar assignments at John Rodgers; Chamber request.

TAC 1929-06-21.pdf

Summary: Port Allen Airport; delay in charging fees, rents; last meeting of this commission.

TAC 1929-07-16.pdf

Summary: first meeting of new commissioners; hangar for Inter-Island Airways; administration building for John Rodgers Airport; water for JRA; possible prison labor for improvements at JRA.

TAC 1929-07-22.pdf

Summary: Gas tanks at John Rodgers Airport; budget.

TAC 1929-07-23.pdf

Summary: Inspection of John Rodgers Airport; proposed new runway.

TAC 1929-07-29.pdf

Summary: Inspection trip to Hilo; Hawaiian Airways Company propose operation at John Rodgers Airport; Hawaiian Aeronautical Industries flight schedule; sharing of hangar space.

TAC 1929-08-05.pdf

Summary: Hilo trip; license for Inter-Island Airways hangar at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1929-08-19.pdf

Summary: Hawaiian Airways hangar site; continue grading and filling at Hilo Airport; remove powder storagte house at Hilo.

TAC 1929-08-26.pdf

Summary: Chamber of Commerce donation for John Rodgers Airport; lunch room concession at John Rodgers; gates at Hilo Airport.

TAC 1929-09-06.pdf

Special meeting with Board of Harbor Commissioners.

TAC 1929-09-09.pdf

Summary: condemnation on Race Track property; report on Kihei field; Inter-Island Airways landing field on Maui; prohibition of shooting and fishing on all Territorial airports; watchman for John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1929-09-19.pdf

Summary: electric and water supply at John Rodgers Airport; removal of old hangar; watchman for John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1929-09-23.pdf

Summary: electric and water supply for John Rodgers Airport; watchman for JRA; license for Inter-Island Airways and Hawaiian Airways; entrance road to JRA.

TAC 1929-09-30.pdf

Summary: salt water pump at John Rodgers Airport; Hawaiian Airways hangar; parking for Hawaiian Airways; building for watchman’s quarters, restroom for JRA; hangar space at Hilo.

TAC 1929-10-07.pdf

Summary: bids for Administration Building, truck, main runway, electric and telephone wiring at John Rodgers Airport; water & electric at Hanapepe Field; Hawaiian Airways hangar at Hilo; licenses for Inter-Island Airways and Hawaiian Airways.

TAC 1929-10-21.pdf

Summary: dust problems, water & electric supply, entrace to the airport, truck, soft drink stand at John Rodgers Airport; license for Hawaiian Airways; Lewis Hawaiian Tours request for space at JRA; Inter-Island Airways request to build baggage depot at Hilo; Future development of JRA.

TAC 1929-10-28.pdf

Summary: dredge, electric lights, roadway pavement at John Rodgers Airport; filling and grading of strip at Hawaiian Airways hangar; purchase of Model AA Ford truck for JRA; employee to drive truck at JRA; trip to Hilo.

TAC 1929-11-04.pdf

Summary: license for Inter-Island and Hawaiian Airways.

TAC 1929-11-12.pdf

Summary: gasoline pump, chnage in Hawaiian Airways hangar construction, dredging at John Rodgers Airport; acquisition of Maalaea Landing Field (Maui).

TAC 1929-11-19.pdf

Summary: paint for administration building, dredging, Hawaiian Airways hangar at John Rodgers Airport; Molokai Airport; Hanapepe Field; Maalaea Field, Wailuku-Mauka field.

TAC 1929-11-25.pdf

Summary: Molokai clearing; wind conditions at Hilo Airport; Wailua-Mauka Field; Maalaea Field.

TAC 1929-12-02.pdf

Summary: budget, Hilo Airport improvements; dredging at John Rodgers Airport; Maalaea Field.

TAC 1929-12-16.pdf

Summary: Maalaea acquisition; dreging project at John Rodgers Airport; garage, stove, doctor bill for injured employee; hangar space at Hilo Airport for Inter-Island Airways; water and electric bills at JRA; Upolo airport; crosswind runway at Hanapepe; erection of waiting room at Molokai.

TAC 1929-12-23.pdf

Summary: stove for administration building at JRA; acquisition of Maalaea; dredging at JRA; improvements at Molokai; emergency landing field at Kalaupapa; acquisition of Army landing fields; night flights.

TAC 1929 Expenditures.pdf

Summary: Department of Aeronautics expenditures to December 31, 1929.