HAC Minutes 1950

HAC 1950-01-07.pdf

Summary: Lihue restaurant concession; establishment of position, Kauai County airports; extension of construction, Lihue Terminal; obstruction lights & EQ, Lihue Terminal; fuel storage facilities, Hilo Airport; photographic concession, HNL; air transportation legislation; request by Army for land; request from Damon Estate; HNL boundary; Keehi Lagoon boat harbor; transportation operations, Lihue; Lihue terminal space; wind data for Kamuela; common fare rates; disposition of Barking Sands airport.

HAC 1950-02-07.pdf

Summary: transfer of HNL to Territory; acquisition of Kahului Airport; lease extension for Kipapa Airport; surplus airports, Barking Sands, Dillingham AFB, Bellows Field; transfer of Navy land to HNL; photographic concession, HNL; delinquent accounts; project application Hana Airport;full time maintenance man Molokai Airport; grant agreement for Kona airport; safety survey small airports; water pipes, pumping machinery, Puunene Airport; Kamuela airport hearing.

HAC 1950-02-19.pdf

Summary: additional construction Lihue Terminal; obstruction lights, Lihue Airport; additional janitorial help, Lihue Terminal; construction of perimeter fence, Kona Airport; additional personnel Hawaii County; reroofing Hilo Terminal; master plan Hilo Airport; delinquent accounts; steel hangar, Puunene Airport; auction of buldings, Puunene Airport; farm lot development, Puunene Airport; non-scheduled carriers; survey, Kamuela Airport; acceptance of Dillingham AFB.

HAC 1950-02-28.pdf

Summary: New director of HAC Adm. Peyton Harrison; former director Glenn Belcher to head Engineering Dept; full-time employee at Molokai.

HAC 1950-03-20.pdf

Summary: Hana Airport Grant Agreement; Molokai Airport maintence agreement; designation of police powers; proposed acquisition of land, HNL; immigration inspection, HNL; inspection of Dillingham AFB; Lihue Airport Grant Agreement; Midway Island; taxi concession, HNL; title of HNL not yet received from Nau; transfer of Kahului Airport in hands of GSA; Hilo Airport fuel oil tank; personnel matter, Puunene Airport; rotating beacon, Upolu Point; Kona Airport night operations; rental of property, HNL; additional runway length, Lihue; fire report Overseas Terminal; new organization plan; gift shop concession, Overseas Terminal.

HAC 1950-04-17.pdf

Summary: ireegular air carriers into Kalaupapa, Kamual, Port Allen & Hana; taxicabs at HNL; complaint of S.R. Damon re: use of airport; construction of paved areas Lihue Airport; charge for use of lights, Molokai Airport; Hana Airport paving contract; terminal and freight buildings, Hana Airport; elecgtric poles, Maui Airport; gift shop concession, Overseas Terminal; Dillingham AFB–no future aeronautical use, so no effort to take over field; Upolu Rotary Beacon; Kona Airport night light; Lihue Airport night traffic; Hilo Airport Master Plan; HNL Master Plan; Kamuela field surveys; Overseas Terminal nursery; squatters, Honolulu Airport; Revised Grant Agreement, Lihue Airport.

HAC 1950-05-09.pdf

Summary: Delinquent accounts; taxicabs Honolulu Airport.

HAC 1950-05-15.pdf

Summary: ground transportation concessions, HNL; CAA beacons; second phase construction, Kona Airport; acquisition of land areas, Lihue Airport; architectural design of Hilo Terminal Building; field survey Kamuela Airport; Kalaupapa Airport improvements; Hana Airport construction ready to begin; immigration inspection, HNL; HNL turned over to territory by Navy; conversion of BOQs HNL; Hawaiian Airlines parking area; Building #65 to police; Puunene Control Tower; Lihue Airport administrator, job classification; advance deposit from airport tenants; resurfacing & seal coating runway & taxiways, HNL; acquisition of land, HNL; extension of US Dept of Agriculture clearance area, Overseas Terminal Lobby; delinquent accounts; Nopaero lease cancellation.

HAC 1950-05-23.pdf

Summary: Kalaupapa improvements; increase size of turn arounds at Lanai Airport; land lease at Puunene for pig farming; ground transportation concession, HNL.

HAC 1950-06-01.pdf

Summary: special meeting to discuss ground transportation concession, Honolulu Airport.

HAC 1950-06-26.pdf

Summary: extension of Clark Kee contract for HNL Master Plan; ground transportation concession, overseas side, HNL; ground transportation concessions, Hilo & Puunene airports; piggeries, Puunene Airport; Molokai obstruction lights; Kahului Airport transfer; Maui Waterworks Board proposal; Maui County airports; lengthening of Lihue Airport airstrip; cesspool Lihue Airport; extension to restarrant, Lihue Airport; Hilo Terminal building plan; acquisition of property adjoining Hilo Airport; Amendment to Grant Agreement Kona Airport; Kamuela Airport survey; HATS hangar; runway lights Upolu, Maui, Molokai, Lihue; expiration of Hawaiian Airlines leases; conversion of BOQs & barracks, HNL; fire fighting EQ; reimbursement of funds to CAA; private airport, Honokaa; high intesnsity lighting, HNL; exclusion of lands from EO 1016, HNL.

HAC 1950-07-10.pdf

Summary: ground transportation, overseas terminal, HNL; badges for outside islands; rules & regulations for taxi operation; parking meters at Overseas Terminal; Barking Sands discussion.

HAC 1950-07-24.pdf

Summary: water for Puunene Airport; Upolu Airport repairs; maintenance man, Upolu & Lanai airports; piggeries, Puunene Airport; fire fighting contracts; parking meters, HNL; paving & seal coating, HNL; leasing of cold storage plant, HNL; exchange of cane land, Lihue Airport; meeting with Subcommittee of the Legislative Holdover Committee; construction of Hilo Terminal Building; repairs to Puunene Airport; runway extension at Lihue Airport; mail route endorsement request by TPA.

HAC 1950-08-28.pdf

Summary: 20-year least proposal by Navy for Kahului; piggeries, Puunene Airport; caretaker Kalaupapa Airport; personnel for Hilo, Kamuela, Upolu airports; private airports; non-revenue private airports; repairs to Upolu & Kamuela; exchange of lands, Lihue; freight terminal at Lihue; terminal expansion, Lihue; runway lights, Lihue Airport; condemnation proceedings, Damon land; automatic emergency unit, HNL; award of bid for parking meters, HNL; Hana Airport opening Nov 11; taxicab solicitation, HNL; Control Tower operation for Maui Fair; real estate agency; HATS hangar; Airways Hotel.

HAC 1950-09-25.pdf

Summary: Kona freight terminal; extension of lease Kamuela Airport; Upolu Airport inspection; renovation of Kamuela Airport landing strip; Maui Control Tower operation; Hana Airport paving; sale of sand Kahului Airport; Puunene piggery lease; lighting system Lihue Airport; relinquishment of land at Port Allen Airport for road construction; Lihue Terminal expansion; parking meters, HNL; property administrator hired; purchase of Damon land; HATS hangar,HNL; Hawaiian Airlines lease on hangar buildings & renewal of land leases; storage rates at Territorial airports; delegation of police powers; fire jeeps; Kamuela Airport lands; Hana Airport opening; Honolulu Airport water & electrical systems; delinquent accounts.

HAC 1950-10-23.pdf

Summary: liquor license, HNL; airport at Kau; swiming pool & dog pound, Hilo Airport; paving at Kona Airport; beautification at Hilo Airport; Hilo fencing; relocation of buildings, Hilo Airport; repair of landing stirp, Kamuela; rental rates, Hana airport; Hana Airport paving; freight terminal reefer, Hana; Maui Airport electrical system; Hana Airport opening; Ahukini Road, Lihue; Lihue Airport planting; Llihue Terminal improvements; construction of Lihue Freight Terminal; Lihue Ruinway extension; Hilo Airport landscaping; rental rates HATS, Cockett, Hawaiian School of Aeronautics & Andrews; tie down fees for private aircraft; condemnation of Damon Land; taxio passengers; parking meters; paving hangar used by HAL; terminal sketches of Hilo Airport; revisions to entrance to Hilo Airport; airport housing; releasing of hangar space for HAL; HATS hangar.

HAC 1950-11-11.pdf

Summary: Hilo Terminal plan; Hana Airport road; Kahului Naval Air Station liability clause; Lihue Terminal.

HAC 1950-11-27.pdf

Summary: retroactivity of rental rates for tenants; HATS hangar; police protection at Lihue Airport; airport survey in Kau; Kona freight terminal; improvements to the entrance road ito Hilo Airport; status of Kamuela Airport construction; Maui County airports status; Homestead Field being returned to Territory; caretaker for Lanai Airport; razing of steel hangar at Puunene; Lihue runway extension; parking at Lihue; Nopaero Hotel lease rates; HAL lease of space; plan to utilize services of airport firemen as guards; Hilo Airport Master Plan.

HAC 1950-12-28.pdf

Summary: HATS hangar; Hamoa Airfield to be turned back to Commissioner of Public Lands; superintendent of maintenance for Territorial Airports; Hawaiian Airlines Lease; Air Force grants 20-year lease to HNL; piggery lease rate; Kamuela Airport status; repair work at Upolu Airport; Hawaiian School of Aeronautics lease; traning of reserve pilots; Weather Bureau requirements Hilo; parking meters, HNL; Hilo Airport plans; contract extension for Clark Kee.