TAC Minutes 1927

TAC 1927-06-02.pdf

Summary: organizational meeting of the TAC; Col. P. M. Smoot, chair; issuing of licenses by Dept. of Commerce representative; proposal of rules and regulations; Act 277, SL 1927, apropriated funds to cover expenses of transportation and housing prisoners detailed to work on the airport at Hilo; Act 257, SS 1927, appropriations for airports at Oahu, Kauai, Molokai and Maui; possible landing sites in the Territory; temporary licenses; aerial photography.

TAC 1927-06-09.pdf

Summary: viewpoint of the Army in connection to commercial aviation in Hawaii; airports and landing fields; aerial photography; proposed landing field at Lahaina; Department of Commerce Air Traffic Rules.

TAC 1927-06-23.pdf

Summary: Navy not authorized to participate as members of Commission; budget; equipment for Hilo Airport; verbal opinion from attorney general that the Hawaiian Homes Commission cannot lease, loan or dispose of land for territorial aviation landing fields; landing field in vicinity of Halemaumau Crater; Hana map; effort to expedite clearing and readying sites for airports on Maui and Molokai; request for a portion of land known as Hahakea in Lahaina for commercial landing field; preparation of landing fields at Molokai, Lahaina and National Guard Reservation near Wailuku known as Paukukalo; draft regulations.

TAC 1927-07-11.pdf

Summary: proposed changes to Air Commerce Regulations, including banning flying across the wates of Pearl Harbor.

TAC 1927-07-14.pdf

Summary: proposed regulations; clearing and grading of land at Paukukalo (Wailuku) for the establishment of a landing field; Hana landing field; landing fields on Molokai; acquiring 54.4 acres at Hahakea, Lahaina, for a landing field; commercial agricultural flying; prisoners on way to Hilo to begin work on airport; approval to land at Kanaha Ponds (Kahului); request to Dept of Commerce requesting that Ralph R. Tinkham be appointed the local representative of the Dept of Commerce, Aeronautics Branch; use of Hahakea tract; material for fill at John Rodgers Airport; Presidential executive order dated September 23, 1912 restricting the flying over the waters of Pearl Harbor; hauling dredging material from Hilo Wharf to Hilo Airport; Smith-Bronte flight.

TAC 1927-08-11.pdf

Summary: proposed regulations and federal regulations; legality of Navy establishing and enforcing regulations prohibiting the flying over the waters of Pearl Harbor; landing field at Hana; Executive Order No. 293 dated August 8, 1927 setting aside land for airport and landing field purposes to be known as John Rodgers Airport and to be under the control and management of this commission; attorney general opinion on what can be legally incoporated in an airport lease; Smith-Bronte medals; landing field adjoining Hanapepe Army Field; grading of Paukukalo landing field; Attorney General approval to obtain some Hawaii Homes Lands for use as landing fields; trip to Hilo.

TAC 1927-08-25.pdf

Summary: additional 49 acres for Paukukalo; Air Regulations of the Territory; Honolulu Airways Company request to carry chemicals and take aerial photographs.

TAC 1927-09-15.pdf

Summary: survey of Paukukalo airfield site; request that Superintendent of Public Works prepare Paukukalo for the landing fo aircraft; assignment of federal inspector; aerial photography; Presidential Executive Order 4684 restoring to its previous status for the use of the Territory of Hawaii Tract 1 at Wailua, Kauai, containing an area of 113 acres; Molokai landing field.

TAC 1927-10-17.pdf

Summary: crash of the Malolo on October 16, 1927 and death of four persons; Hilo Airport progress; Kilauea field status; more prisoners (12) sent to Hilo Airport; Hilo airport construction update; Maui airport surveys; Molokai survey; most of John Rodgers field cleared; new airfield at Territorial Fair Grounds, Waikiki.

TAC 1927-10-21.pdf

Summary: Malolo crash report; Lewis Tours must obtain a license.

TAC 1927-11-22.pdf

Summary: Status of airports and landing fields throughout the territory.

TAC 1927-12-22.pdf

Summary: proposed landing field at Territorial Fair Grounds, Waikiki; improvements at Wailua Field (Kauai); Executive Order No. 307 setting aside an airplane landing field at Hoolehua and Paalau, Molokai, containing an area of 204.8 acres to be under the control of the Territorial Aeronautical Commission; Lewis Tours proposed operation to Hilo; illuminating of airports; chairman’s account of trip to Washington DC.