TAC Minutes 1930

TAC 1930-01-06.pdf

Summary: night flight by Inter-Island; Kalaupapa field; dredging at JRA; Hanapepe field; license for Inter-Island Airways and Hawaiian Airways; overflow of irrigation water from Honolulu Plantation onto JRA; painting of radio towers on Advertiser building.

TAC 1930-01-13.pdf

Summary: improvements at Maalaea field for Inter-Island Airways; Maalaea appraisal; Upolu Point landing field; dredging at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1930-01-16.pdf

Summary: Maalaea reappraisal & inspection.

TAC 1930-01-18 Inventory JRF.pdf

Summary: Inventory of John Rodgers Airport, January 18, 1930.

TAC 1930-01-20.pdf

Summary: installation of telephone at Upolu Point by Inter-Island; overflow of irrigation water from Honolulu Plantation; Ward Airport; Maalaea Airport; dredging at John Rodgers Airport; flying over restricted areas.

TAC 1930-01-27.pdf

Summary: Maalaea Airport appraisal; Ward Airport declared unsafe and should only be used by experienced pilots; parking of emergency car at John Rodgers Airport; flying over restricted areas; dredging at JRA; entrance to Hawaiian Airways hangar; Molokai Field.

TAC 1930-01-28.pdf

Summary: Special meeting to consider purchase of Maalaea Airport for $18,000 from Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company.

TAC 1930-02-03.pdf

Summary: Maalaea Airport; Hawaiian Airways to resume operations; letter from Inter-Island Airways regarding the condition of Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1930-02-11.pdf

Summary: Negotiations to purchase Maalaea Airport; employment of airport manager at John Rodgers Airport; runway repairs at JRA.

TAC 1930-02-17.pdf

Summary: Maalaea Airport acquisition; Hilo runway repairs; emergency landing field at Kona; employment of executive secretary; E. H. Lewis Flying School.

TAC 1930-02-24.pdf

Summary: bids for dredging at John Rodgers; Maalaea Airport; work at Hanapepe.

TAC 1930-03-03.pdf

Summary: Maalaea purchase hinges on improvements; coral for surfacing field at JRA; improvements for Hilo runway; caretaker for Hilo Airport; emergency landing field in Kona; recommendation that Lewis aviation go out of business for safety of aviation; appointment of a superintendent of airports; roof for Hoolehua Airport.

TAC 1930-03-10.pdf

Summary: superintendent of airports; Hilo Airport improvements; coral at John Rodgers; Maalaea Airport purchase; Hawaiian Airways hangar; windsock at Hoolehua Airport; search for an airport in Lihue.

TAC 1930-03-17.pdf

Summary: salary for Superintendent of Airports; Commissioner from Hilo appointed; dedication of Inter-Island Airways terminal at Hilo; removal of barrels around the perimeter of Lanai City Airport; fill for John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1930-03-24.pdf

Summary: superintendent of airports; flight to Kona; access problems at Waiakea airport; laborer at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1930-03-31.pdf

Summary: Mr. Peacock appointed Superintendent of Airports as of April 1, 1930; watchman at Hilo Airport; flight to Kailua, Kona; development work at Port Allen; improvements at Upolu Point; license for Inter-Island Airways & Hawaiian Airways; hangar purchase; budget; development by prisoners.

TAC 1930-04-09.pdf

Summary: Presidential Executive Order restoring Puolo Point and Upolu Point to the territory for aeronautical purposes; license for John Rodgers Airport; macadam runway at Maalaea; crosswind runway for Waiakea Airport; Kona inspection; coral excavation for JRA; emergency landing field between Upolu and Hilo.

TAC 1930-04-14.pdf

Summary: Hilo Airport improvements; landing field site visits Kona; Commission representative for Maui County; Lanai Airport fog; Hanapepe work completed; other landing fields on Kauai; quarry at John Rodgers airport.

TAC 1930-04-21.pdf

Summary: further development at Hilo Airport; acquisition of Maalaea Airport; shelter for Hoolehua Airport; license for Inter-Island and Hawaiian Airways; Army planes flying at low altitudes; prison labor at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1930-04-29.pdf

Summary: updates on Maalaea and Hoolehua airports; hangar at Hilo Airport; model plane contest; expenditures; Commission status; air navigation aids in Hawaii; prohibit use of Ward Airport except for emergency landings due to Lewis safety problems.

TAC 1930-05-05.pdf

Summary: Lewis flying activities at Ward Airport; Kona Civic Club to do wind readings in Kona; trip to Kauai to look for a landing field near Lihue; hangars at Hilo Airport; National Glider Association; development of John Rodgers Airport with prison labor.

TAC 1930-05-13.pdf

Summary: Army returning Hanapepe Field to Territory; hangar for Inter-Island Airways at Hilo Airport; airport appropriations; fishing rights at John Rodgers Airport; E. H. Lewis still using Ward Field and allowing stunt flying at JRA.

TAC 1930-05-19.pdf

Summary: Army opinion that Ward Field is dangerous for flying; deed for Maalaea received May 9, 1930; Inter-Island Airways hangar at Hilo Airport; development of John Rodgers Airport; possible sites for airport near Lihue; weather reports, radio facilities.

TAC 1930-05-26.pdf

Summary: Commissioner from Kauai; aero photography; wireless equipment for aeroplanes; weather reports & equipment; truck driver’s salary; update on John Rodgers development; Lihue sites.

TAC 1930-06-04.pdf

Summary: work list for John Rodgers Airport; rules & regulations for establishment of private airports; gasoline tax exemption; formation of a glider club; dismissal of watchman at JRA; development of Hilo Airport; updates on Maalaea and Hoolehua airports.

TAC 1930-06-12.pdf

Special meeting to interview R. C. Gray, radio expert from the mainland on the subject of radio communication between planes and ground stations.

TAC 1930-06-18.pdf

Summary: promulgation of regulations as to minimum size of air fields; naming airports for the island on which they are located; Executive Order No. 417 for additional land at Hilo; electricity at Hilo; glider club activities; fencing for territorial airports.

TAC 1930-06-26.pdf

Summary: new design for John Rodgers Airport; crosswind runway approved at Hilo; Ward Airport; update on Maalaea Airport development; special police authority; water line for Molokai Airport; designations of territorial airports; Kauai landing field.

TAC 1930-07-02.pdf

Summary: Lihue district airport; Ward airport; Rules & Regulations; construction update on Rodgers & Hilo Airports; radio equipment; license for Inter-Island Airways; special police authority; drainage for Maalaea.

TAC 1930-07-09.pdf

Summary: Lihue landing fields; redrafted rules and regulations; fencing at Maalaea Airport; bid opening for crosswind runway at Hilo; crosswind runway at John Rodgers Airport; radio communications.

TAC 1930-07-16.pdf

Summary: crosswind runways at Hilo & John Rodgers Airports; Kauai airports; printing of rules and regulations & distribution; private landing fields; employees at JRA; restroom at Molokai Airport; licenses for co-pilots; aerial photos; radio equipment.

TAC 1930-07-30.pdf

Summary: Bids for John Rodgers Airport runway; field development funds; budget estimates; coral fill for Ward Airport; Honolulu Glider Club organization; Hanapepe Airport returned to Territory; plans for Molokai shelter; inspection of landing fields; purchase of land from Lihue Plantation for airfield; development at JRA; sale of Hawaiian Airways hangar.

TAC 1930-08-13.pdf

Summary: Sale of Wilcox land for airport in Lihue; bids for quarrying and hauling coral at John Rodgers Airport; authority to spend additional $2,500 on crosswind runway at Hilo Airport; accident report of crash at JRA; wind velocity, Kailua-Kona; Ward Airport; cameras in air over Oahu; annual report.

TAC 1930-08-28.pdf

Summary: repairs to Kalaupapa field; Lihue landing field; progress at John Rodgers Airport; radio communication; Naval planes at Hilo; glider wings from Navy plane; Navy Air transport route; cameras in air over Oahu; co-pilots on Inter-Island planes; Department of Commerce inspector; budget; purchase of an ice-cooler.

TAC 1930-09-04.pdf

Summary: special meeting to discuss radio communications; Lihue district airport; budget.

TAC 1930-09-12.pdf

Summary: Grove Farm property for Lihue airport considered; resignation of Superintendent of Airports.

TAC 1930-09-25.pdf

Summary: Lihue airport; Executive Orders for Hanapepe and Upolu Airports; wheels on tails of Inter-Island Sikorskys cutting grooves in runway; Department of Commerce inspector; employees for John Rodgers Airport; landing field at Kalaupapa.

TAC 1930-10-08.pdf

Summary: Proposed Lihue Airport; Department of Commerce Inspector; recommendations to 1931 Legislature; Naval planes at Hilo Airport; Commission members; Kalaupapa landing field; lease for Inter-Island Airways hangar at JRA.

TAC 1930-10-22.pdf

Summary: Kalaupapa Airport; Hawaiian Airways hangar at John Rodgers Airport; hiring of laborers at JRA; lease for Inter-Island Airways hangar at JRA; developmens at JRA.

TAC 1930-10-31.pdf

Summary: Kalaupapa landing field; purchase of Hawaiian Airways hangar; John Rodgers development; drainage ditch at Maalaea Airport; Hilo runway bumpy; commissioner resignation.

TAC 1930-11-12.pdf

Summary: Inter-Island Airways grant of licenses; radio communication equipment; Inter-Island Airways co-pilots; development at John Rodgers Airport progressing rapidly; regrading of Hilo Airport; no action on Lihue airport; Army planes stunt flying; grass on Lanai Field.

TAC 1930-12-10.pdf

Summary: Stunt flying by Army planes; coral for Waiakea Airport; stenographer, coral crusher for John Rodgers Airport; license to Inter-Island Airways for rest house and shelter at Hilo Airport; crash of Lewis plane; radio communication; Molokai Airport; Kalaupapa; Lihue field.