HAC Minutes 1949

HAC 1949-01-03.pdf

Summary: leasing of Kailua (Oahu) Airport; HAL parking lot; post office facilities; accountant; airport sign at highway intersection; Kipapa Airport hazards; private flying, HNL; gasoline facility for light aircraft; taxing private airports gas tax; Maui taxicab rates.

HAC 1949-01-17.pdf

Summary: raising revenue to operate airports; budget; Navy lease at Kahului Airport; Kailua Airport construction status; construction plans for Lihue Terminal; CAA Air Traffic Control facilities.

HAC 1949-01-24.pdf

Summary: special meeting to discuss legislation for aviation development.

HAC 1949-02-01.pdf

Summary: construction status for Kailua Airport, Kona; legislative matters; cancellation of request to lease Navy portion of Kahului Airport; inspection trip to Kailua Kona Airport.

HAC 1949-02-07.pdf

Summary: lease for Kailua (Oahu) Airport; master plan for establishing concessions in terminal; designation of police powers; photosound concession; petition to Legislature to change the name of Kailua Airport to Kona Airport; establishment of new businesses; airport development legislation; drop cancellation of letter to Navy, Kahului Airport; appropriations; financial statement of tenants; Damon Estate exchange of lands.

HAC 1949-02-10.pdf

Summary: bids for Kailua (Kona) terminal; terminal buildings at HNL; budget request.

HAC 1949-02-14.pdf

Summary: special meeting to discuss budget for airports for next biennium.

HAC 1949-02-21.pdf

Summary: Navy terminal of crash & fire operations; transfer of MATS hangar & equipment to TH; amended Grant Agreement for Lihue Airport; Honolulu gasoline station leasae; Marguerite Gambo Wood mortgage; aviation fuel, Hilo Airport; Appropriation Act; naming of Kona Airport.

HAC 1949-03-07.pdf

Summary: fire fighting at HNL; recission of Kailua Terminal award; bid opening for Kailua Airport Terminal; taxi concession Kailua Airport; amendment to Grant Agreement for Hana Airport; Marjorie Owen’s concession; additional runway, Lihue Airport; Gas tax bill; NATS hangar at HNL; private flying Wheeler Field.

HAC 1949-04-04.pdf

Summary: Bellows Field license; crash fire-fighting protection, HNL; Senate bill 158 re gasoline fuel tax; student solo flying, HNL; airport completion dates.

HAC 1949-04-25.pdf

Summary: contact awarded for fencing at Hana Airport; water supply at Lihue Airport; Trans-Air Hawaii’s account.

HAC 1949-05-02.pdf

Summary: new commission appointments; Spencecliff liquor license; student solo flying, HNL.

HAC 1949-05-03.pdf

Summary: Trans-Air Hawaii delinquent account; building improvements at Maui, Molokai and Upolu airports; liquor license hours; air cargo charges; aviation gas tax.

HAC 1949-06-06.pdf

Summary: additional area for Hawaii National Guard; insurance policy renewal; taxi stalls; taxi situation at Maui Airport; selection of taxicab committee; Hilo Airport taxi situation; leasing committee.

HAC 1949-06-22.pdf

Summary: Maui Airport taxi operations; Kahului Airport continuation of permit; Lihue Airport plans; L. P. Thurston request at Kona Airport; Hilo Control Tower; opening of Kona Airport; Hawaiian School of Aeronautics; lei sellers at HNL.

HAC 1949-07-09.pdf

Summary: taxicab rules & regulations; progress of projects including second runway at Lihue, relcoation of Ahukini Road, building construction at Lihue; water line installation; runway extension at Kamuela; Kalaupapa Airport; airport work program; request by L. P. Thurston; Maui airport fire trucks, Puunene Airport Tower, revetments, storage for sugar; fire department at HNL; rules & regulations.

HAC 1949-08-01.pdf

Summary: Trans-Pacific Airlines lease request, HNL; land lease request at Lihue Airport; revocable permit Kahului Airport; airport appropriations; installation of Control Tower Maui; Taxicab Committee; preliminary plans & specs for Hana Airport; reallocation of CAA funds from Kamuela to Hana; Kahului Airport master plan; Airways Hotel & Nopaero Ltd request; rental rate for Kona Terminal; requests for rental of pasture lands, Puunene Airport.

HAC 1949-08-11.pdf

Summary: BOQ building Puunene Airport; preliminary plans, Kahului; master plans all airports; auction of buildings, Kahului; airport funds; parkway from Nimitz Highway to Hawaiian Airlines; Kahului Airport title; Lihue terminal building construction; exdtension of terminal lobby, Honolulu Airport.

HAC 1949-09-19.pdf

Summary: Hana Airport paving; Lihue Airport seeding & sodding, water system; Kona Airport construction extension; improvements at Hilo Airport; CAA radar installation; terminal lobby extension HNL; lei sellers at HNL; HNL master plan; Kipapa Airport lease cancalled Nov 1, 1949; taxi committee; HAC policy re buildings at Puunene; clarification of HAC policy re auctioning of bhuildings at Kahului; future development of Kalaupapa Airport; survey of pasture area Puunene Airport; membership in the AOC; seal coating at Puunene Airport; delinquent accounts; building rental at Kahului & Puunene; request for barber and photographic concessions at HNL; Lihue Airport terminal restaurant liquor license; blind ventors in airport terminals; landscaping of areas around Lihue Terminal building; fire protection and concessions at Lihue Airport.

HAC 1949-10-17.pdf

Summary: AOC membership; Hilo Airport request for bar & restaurant concession; terminal lobby extension, HNL; organization of crash rescue crew at Maui; crash fire EQ at Lihue & Hilo; fire hydrants at Lihue; lighted sign at entrance to HNL; lei seller stands, HNL; transfer of Maui County buildings at Puunene to HAC; salvaged material from BOQ building, Puunene; cleaning out of drainage gulch, Kahului Airport; Maui Flying Academy account; Aloha Week; photographic concession at HNL; improvements to kitchen area of airport restaurant; plans & specs at Lihue Airport; personnel, Lihue Airport; advertising of concessions, Lihue; use of HNG parachute loft, HNL.

HAC 1949-11-21.pdf

Summary: leads of land at Honolulu Airport; rental rate 2-storied structure; continuation of agreement for use of Kipapa Airfield; master planning, HNL; use of buildings at Puunene Airport; Maui Vocational School; terminal facillities & water supply Hana airport; Kanaha Pond, Kahului, waterfowl sanctuary; plumbing materials at Puunene; selling of salvaged electrical EQ at Puunene; BOQ building, Puunene; Maui Flying Academy account; agent at Molokai Airport; delegation of police powers; rental of quonset huts on Hawaii; paving of auto parking area djacent to Hilo Terminal; evaucation of rock at Hilo Airport; approval of project application & sponsor’s assurance agreement for Kona airport; positions to be established at Lihue Airport; taxicab operations, Lihue Airport; opening of Lihue Airport set for January 8; furniture for Lihue terminal; taxi stalls Maui; license fee, Lihue airport taxis; mental hazard to flying, HNL.

HAC 1949-12-12.pdf

Summary: taxicabs at Hilo, Maui, Lihue, Honolulu airports; rental rate, Lihue terminal; freight terminal, Lihue; concession space, Lihue Airport; obstruction lights Lihue & Molokai; terminal at Hana; work force, Maui Airport; Maui Flying Academy; status of jobs, Lihue Airport; Lihue Airport restaurant; request from Army for land at Kapalama and Sand Island; sealing & resurfacing, HNL; public hearing Kamuela Airport; efficiency reports for Outer-Island employees; master planning Hilo Airport; plans for terminal buildings at Hilo & Maui.