Territorial Aeronautical Commission

Minutes of the Territorial Aeronautical Commission

The Territorial Aeronautical Commission was established by the Territorial Legislature by Act 238, Session Laws of Hawaii 1927, approved by Governor Farrington April 27, 1927. The Commission consisted of not less than five nor more than seven members to be appointed by the Governor . . . at least three members to be licensed aeronauts (or military aviators). Powers and duties of the Commission: (1) Preparation, promulgation and enforcement of rules and regulations governing aviation and allied activities. (2) Examining and licensing of aeronauts and aircraft. . . (3) Establishment and chartering of airways . . . (4) Exclusive control and operation of all Territorially owned or leased airports. The Commission was abolished by Act 17 Special Session of the Territorial Legislature 1932, approved by Governor Lawrence M. Judd on April 22, 1932. The Act transfered the powers and duties of the commission to the Superintendent of Public Works under whose jurisdiction the work was first started in the Territory. Minutes of TAC meetings are now available for review.

Territorial Aeronautical Commission Annual Reports