TAC Minutes 1932

TAC 1932-01-06.pdf

Summary: drainage ditch at Maalaea Airport dangerous; mowing of Molokai runways; radio installation at Hilo; coral delivery to John Rodgers; more prisoners for JRA; complaint of cows on JRA; incident between transport and student plane.

TAC 1932-01-28.pdf

Summary: Coast Guard request to mount llights at John Rodgers Airport during maneuvers; progress at Hilo Airport; bids for filling drains at Maalaea Airport; grassing certain areas at Kauai Airport; offer of plane if it would be used for flight to the Mainland.

TAC 1932-02-17.pdf

Summary: siren for John Rodgers Airport; circling field 180 degrees before landing at JRA; grading & grassing operations at Wailua Airport; airplane wreckage found on coast of Molokai.

TAC 1932-03-09.pdf

Summary: inspection of island airports; warning siren at John Rodgers Airport; dead line at JRA; bids for grading & grassing Wailua Airport; progress at JRA.

TAC 1932-03-23.pdf

Summary: siren for John Rodgers; grassing of Wailua Airport; mowing of grass at Upolu Point and Maalaea Airports; ditch at Maalaea Airport; grading at JRA.

TAC 1932-04-06.pdf

Summary: update on grassing Wailua Airport; new jailor at Hilo Airport; mowing grass at Upolu Point field; letter from Waco Aircraft regarding selling airplaines in Hawaii; fatal airplane crash at John Rodgers Airport; removal of piles of dirt at Molokai Airport.

TAC 1932-04-22.pdf

Summary: update on grading & grassing at Wailua Airport; dirt piles at Molokai Airport; runway widening requested by Inter-Island Airways at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1932-05-04.pdf

Summary: emergency landing field at Koholalele; abolishment of Commission discussed.

TAC 1932-05-18.pdf

Summary: abolishment of Commission discussed with Governor. Governor indicated he was abolishing all boards and commissions and carrying on their functions by the regular departments of government; hindering of work at John Rodgers by Inter-Island Airways; revision of all airport rules & regulations.