HAC Minutes 1955

HAC 1955-08-22.pdf

Summary: revised schedule of rates & charges; free space policy; U-drive license; proposed construction for biennium; installation of 8″ transite pipe, Puunene Airport; repairs to passenger terminal, Kahului; Kahului Airport Master Plan; NAF housing activities, HNL; coin operated baggage lockers; rental adjustment for airport theater; coin operated machines; photographic & parking concessions; race track at HNL; paving of small plane hangar area; delinquencies, discontinued cable system, disposal of buildings and service roads, Hilo Airport; ticket office, requests for taxi & U-drive concessions, medium intensity runway lighting, Kamuela Airport; approval for abandonment of South Cape Airport.

HAC 1955-09-24.pdf

Summary: public hearing on revised schedule of rates & charges; T-hangar rental rates; uncollectible accounts; public liability insurance for U-drive operators; new passenger terminal, HNL; Cockett Airlines payment udner protest; free space for Bureau of the Budget; HAL deficiency of cesspools; Hawaiian Airmotive request for Hangar 8; painting contract, HNL; airport housing area; ground transportation HNL; Pacific Chemical & Fertilizer storage tank at Kahului Airport; amendment to grant agreement for Molokai Airport field drainage project; acceptance of grant offer for Molokai Airport medium intensity lights; Molokai Chamber of Commerce request for public hearing on Molokai Airport terminal layout; dedication of water lines at Kona; tour concession request at Hilo; use of old HAL terminal at Hilo by Air Force.

HAC 1955-10-22.pdf

Summary: CAP budget; revised rates & charges; policy regarding handling of military aircraft & personnel, Hilo Airport; acceptance of grant offer, Hilo Airport medium intensity runway lights; Kahului airport control tower operations; new terminal for Molokai approved; parking ramp, access road & vehicle parking area, Molokai Airport; replacement of pipe, Puunene Airport; cesspool for passenger terminal, Lihue Airport; HNL Master Plan; HVB letter re foreign arrivals area; painting hangar 9; The Barn, percentage rate on gross sales; airport safety zones.

HAC 1955-11-19.pdf

Summary: Federal aid construction program; T-hangar rental rates; extension of ground transportation licenses for Neighbor Islands; Honolulu Airport Joint Master Plan; preferential rental rate for Andrew Flying Service; proposed change in zoning; disposal of building No. A-205; Kona Airport paint coating runway; request from land development committee, Puunene Airport; National Guard request for land at Kahului; surplus property, Molokai; medium intensity lights, Molokai; erection of building for fire fighting EQ, Kahului; ground transportation operator, HNL; modification of existing Overseas Terminal.

HAC 1955-12-16.pdf

Summary: resolution of appreciation for courtesy flight on Britain’s Comet III jet airliner; HNL Master Plan & new terminal facilities; modification to baggage handling facilities & foreign arrivals area, HNL; ramp lighting, HNL; shed-type structure for HAL; small plane hangars, commercial operations; lean-to for Murrayair; HAL sewerage disposal; airline crew ground transportation; AOC-CAA special joint meeting; Transocean Airlines request for additional hangar space; U-drive license & ground transportation booth request, Hilo; relocation of Runway 3-21; use of Kona Freight Terminal.