Hanalei Airport

Hanapepe Airport

Governor’s Executive Orders Hanapepe Airport

Lihue Airport

Lihue Airport Air Traffic Statistics

Governor’s Executive Orders Lihue Airport

Mana Airport/Barking Sands Airport

Mana Airport was established in 1928 by the Territorial Legislature at a site in Mana, known as Barking Sands. In 1940, the land was set aside for the Mana Airport Military Reservation. During World War II and until 1950, Barking Sands was the primary commercial passenger airport on the island of Kauai until Lihue Airport opened.

Barking Sands Airport Air Traffic Statistics

Barking Sands was the primary commercial airport on the island of Kauai during and after World War II until 1949 when Lihue Airport opened.

Governor’s Executive Orders Mana Airport

Mana Airport was established by the Territorial Legislature in 1928 and land was set aside by Governor’s Executive Orders. The area was later acquired by the Army for Mana Airport Military Reservation.

Port Allen Airport

Governor’s Executive Orders Port Allen Airport

Port Allen Airport Air Traffic Statistics

After World War II Port Allen Airport was used by interisland air carriers. When Lihue Airport opened, Port Allen was closed to passenger traffic. It is now used primarily by helicopter companies for scenic tours.

Princeville Airport

Princeville Airport Air Traffic Statistics

The State leased and operated Princeville Airport for a period of time.

Puu Ka Pele Heliport

Wailua Airport

Governor’s Executive Orders Wailua Airport

Kauai Airport District Managers

The Department of Transportation, Airports Division, appoints a District Manager to operate the state airports in each county. In Kauai County, the airports include Lihue Airport and Port Allen Airport.