Governor’s Executive Orders Port Allen Airport

GEO No.DateAcresNotes
 885 18 June 1940 Land set aside for receiving antenna site, Port Allen Airport. 
 931  29 March 1941180.97 Land for Port Allen Airport to be under the control and management of the Superintendent of Public Works. 
1395 11 October 1950-0.203Withdraws land from Port Allen Airport for realignment of the public road in Hanapepe.
1405 20 December 1950-4Withdraws land from Port Allen Airport for Salt Pond Park. 
2842  15 June 1977-1.21Withdraws land from EO No. 931 to expand Salt Pond Park.
3499  17 December 19909.685 Sets aside land for an addition to Port Allen Airport.

Copies of all EOs may be viewed at the Hawaii State Archives.