HAC Minutes 1957

HAC 1957-01-31.pdf

Summary: Damon Tract appraisal; uncollectible bad debt; Spencecliff’s protest re vending machines in lobby; Lockheed Air Terminal’s report; DPW request for additional funds for stockpiling of fill material; request to rearrange Customs building in new terminal; Transocean’s request to erect building exgtension; Andrew’s request for Hangar #7; ground transportation license renewals; HAL’s request for an office building in new terminal; replacement of County police by HAC employees; revised request for U-drive concession; Kona Master Plan; Kahului Master Plan; CAA’s request for least of land, Molokai; land exchange Homestead Field, Molokai & Hilo Airport; jet fuel tax amendment.

HAC 1957-02-28.pdf

Summary: appraisers for Damon Tract area; rate schedules recommended by Lockheed Air Terminal; Guide to Hawaii request for reduction of concession fee; proposed public address system, HNL; water storage tank & pipe line for Hana Airport; HC&S request to rent area for cane land, Kahului Airport; HC&S offer to purchase Puunene Airport; disposal of surplus buildings, Kahului; request for alterations, Hilo restaurant; HVB request for space in Hilo terminal; cost of repairing Upolu runway; removal of Conestoga airplane from Kona Airport; Lihue Airport Master Plan; request for auto parking sheds and servicing facilities, Lihue; building alterations at Lihue; termination of Cockett Airlines tenancy; HAL request to purchase hangars & sheds.

HAC 1957-03-23.pdf

Summary: public address system, HNL; Damon Tract appraisers; economic survey by DPW, HNL; Law & Wilson and Ted Vierra’s contracts; resolution regarding grant agreements ratified; bad debt; request for facility by Andrew Flying Service; application for Federal Aid at HNL; request to operate aircraft sales & service & flight school; Kahului Master Plan; Kona Master Plan; Lihue Master Plan; termination of lease for Lihue restaurant; HAL proposal to purchase HAC hangars & sheds; Damon Tract.

HAC 1957-04-13.pdf

Summary: Public address system, HNL; HAL proposal regarding their reverted facilities; request to operate aircraft sales & service & flight school; disposal of surplus buildings; request from Kamaaina Tours of Maui; Kahului Control Tower estimated cost of operation; request from research associates; Lihue Airport terminal plans.

HAC 1957-05-18.pdf

Summary: House Resolution #47 re Upolu Point; report from Legislative committee; Hawaiian Automotive’s request for reinstatement of their lease; redesign of proposed interisland ramp area, HNL; quonset huts at Kahului; Kahului control tower & runway lighting; Lihue alterations & parking area; federal aid request; meeting with Undersecretary of Commerce; commendation of airport architect Vierra; proposal from Lockheed Air Terminal; users committee meeting; application for director of aeronautics.

HAC 1957-05-24.pdf

Summary: special meeting to establish the position of the Users’ Committee with regard to the terminal planning at HNL.

HAC 1957-06-22.pdf

Summary: operating budget for 1958; Lockheed contract; CAP request for funds; resolution re Honolulu Technical School; resolution authorizing $14 million in Aviation Revenue Bonds; vending machine policy; Kahului grant agreement; HVB space in Hilo terminal; Hilo runway hazards; Kona runway extension, terminal building & auto parking lot; automatic sprinkler system for Molokai Airport; status of General Lyman Field; election of officers; proposal from Mercury International Sales & Service Company for over the counter trip insurance.

HAC 1957-07-13.pdf

Summary: appointment of Aaron P. Storrs as Director of Aeronautics; Mercury International Sales & Service Company’s proposal; R. H. Moulton Company’s proposal.

HAC 1957-07-27.pdf

Summary: CAP request for funds; resolution commending Peter Gluckmann for his solo flight from SF to HNL and return; employee service awards; Honolulu Technical School; in-flight meal service furnished by Pan American; sewerage system at HNL; additional lobby seating, HNL; Damon Tract; Standard Oil request for service station at Kona; general project priorities; Kona injunction; additional cost of Kahului Control Tower & Vault; Molokai Airport rental rates; Mackenzie travel organization’s request for ground transportation license, Lihue.

HAC 1957-08-24.pdf

Summary: exchange of leases with Army & Navy; delinquent accounts; report by AG on trip to Washington DC; restaurant concessions Kahului, Lanai & General Lyman Field; removal of wrecked Conestoga airplane, Kona; Mackenzie request for ground transportation lease; Hawaiian Airmotive license; Murrayair proposal to purchase hangar; sewage disposal system, HNL; tree hazards, GLF; visiting bond analysts & investors; commendations; HAL comments re Kona Airport; Lorrin Thurston comments re Kona Airport.

HAC 1957-09-28.pdf

Summary: JAL proposal for office space; Honolulu Technical School; R. H. Moulton contract; extension of contract for Kahului Control Tower services; raditifcation of Kahului grant agreement; Lanai & Molokai Airport pavement rehabilitation; space for CAP, Molokai; tree hazards, General Lyman Field; disposal of Conestoga; hump in runway 8-26, HNL; meeting with City & County of Honolulu re: HNL; Pan American debt; proposal to enlarge Sky Room.

HAC 1957-10-26.pdf

Summary: reduction in force, HNL crash fire; Hilo housing lease; proposed auto parking area, HNL; creation of full-time staff engineer for the HAC; Lockheed contract; Kona hearing; condemnation proceeding status of Damon Tract.

HAC 1957-11-30.pdf

Summary: pavement rehabilitation Runway 8-26, HNL; extension of Kahului Airport control tower services; TOWAC building contract, Kahului; Kahului Airport runway lighting contract; alterations & repairs to the passenger terminal & additional auto parking, Lihue Airport; Flintkote lease, General Lyman Field; Spencecliff proposal to enlarge Skyroom, HNL; list of priorities for airports; cost estimates & timetable, HNL.

HAC 1957-12-28.pdf

Summary: ground transportation service licenses policy; schedules of rates & charges, HNL; Spencecliff Sky Room alterations; staff report on aircraft; additional appraiser for Damon Tract; Damon Tract condemnation; Naska emergency homes lease, Kahului; repainting & repairs to General Lyman Field terminal building; request for space, GLF; Carter’s gift shop, HNL.