HAC Minutes 1947

HAC 1947-06-20.pdf

The organizational meeting of the HAC was held on June 20, 1947. Glenn T. Belcher was elected chairman.

HAC 1947-07-07.pdf

Summary: Revision of Rules & Regulations; return of Kahului Airport to Territory; police services at HNL; fire protection; taxi stalls; U-drive problem; engineering at Lihue Airport; hangar debris removal.

HAC 1947-07-16.pdf

Summary: proposed United Air Lines lease; Damon property; hangar debris removal; lobby renovations to include concessions, cocktail lounge and restaurant; weather bureau lease renewal; wireless office; airport plans; offer to Paul Fagan for a five-year lease on Hana Airport for $1 a year; 20-year lease for Kahului Airport from Navy; fire escapes; return of Upolu Airport; temporary rental rates; improvements to Pan Am Cargo Building; authorizations for Director.

HAC 1947-07-28.pdf

Summary: Damon Estate plans, airport appraisal survey & leases; license fee for operation of private airports; hangar debris removal, Kailua Airport status; survey trip to Kamuela Airport; rules & regulations; Hilo Terminal station offer to HAL; French Frigate Shoals; Trans-Air Hawaii Certificate of Necessity & Convenience; Molokai Airport acceptance.

HAC 1947-08-04.pdf

Summary: Approval of Damon Tract improvements; application of Airways Hotel; 15 year leases to be offered to operators; sale of dredged material from Keehi Lagoon.

HAC 1947-08-11.pdf

Summary: United & Pan Am leases; liquor license & cocktail lounge; student flying; HNL water bill; Sponsor’s Assurance Agreement; withdrawal of letter to accept French Frigate Shoals; creation of airport inspector positions.

HAC 1947-08-25.pdf

Summary: recission of Sponsor Assurance Agreement; status of HNL; water bill; rules & regulations; bids for cocktaillounge & restaurant; discussion of Act 32; Kamuela Airport; police patrol of airport; news stand at HAL terminal; General Lyman Field; weather bureau lease renewal; fire insurance.

HAC 1947-08-26.pdf

Summary: Special meeting re Pacific-Northwest direct route.

HAC 1947-08-28.pdf

Summary: Assistant director of aeronautics; fire insurance, United & Pan American leases; jurisdiction of HAC and Dept of Public Works.

HAC 1947-09-04.pdf

Summary: Navy withdrawal at HNL; value of Damon Lands; removal of hangar debris; united & Pan American leases; rental rate for Cocktail Lounge; supervisor of Molokai Airport; moving of Building 138; Kahului Airport.

HAC 1947-09-09.pdf

Summary: Honolulu Airport title; parking; Kahului Airport lease; open storage rates; electrician for Hilo Airport.

HAC 1947-09-23.pdf

Summary: draft of Navy agreement for HNL; flower bar lease; United & Pan Am leases; public hearings on Big Island; Pacific Northwest Hawaii hearing; rental rate for restaurant & cocktail lounge; petition about bad food in restaurant; endorsement of Trans-Air Hawaii flights; vending stand, request by Trans-Pacific Airlines; purchase of runway lights; cocktail lounge at Airways Hotel; appointment of Glenn Belcher as first assistant director; automotive service station concession; clearing of Kahuku Airfield; request to City & County for police services.

HAC 1947-10-06.pdf

Summary: Hilo, Kamuela and Kailua airports; leases & concessions; fire insurance; Navy water & electric bills; request of Trans-Air Hawaii for letter of endorsement to CAB; paving of Port Allen Airfield; Kailua Airport, Oahu; status of Bellows; clearing of debris on airport; South Cape, Hawaii; rules & regulations.

HAC 1947-10-20.pdf

Summary: Kahului lease; Bellows Field; rules & regulations; terminal building leases; Kamuela Airport; Hilo Airport; inspection trip to Port Allen; airport water system; South Cape Airport; Aero Service hangar; real tax; fountain concession at Hilo; blind vendor stands at Hilo & Honolulu airports; Woolley’s debt & illegal land use; opening of Kamuela Airport; building removal at HNL.

HAC 1947-11-03.pdf

Summary: Director’s report from Washington trip re: Honolulu Airport Title, Kahului Airport Lease, cancellation of Hilo Lease and Airport Charges; recall request to purchase Kipapa Airfield; South Cape Airport; Bellows Field status; licensing Kahuku Airfield; repairs to Port Allen; delinquent account committee; status of Kailua Airport; CAB letter; blocking road through Hana Airport; revised lease for Kamuela; Airways Hotel; subleasing; Nopero Apartments; rental policy; electricity for Navy; bar concession at Hilo Airport.

HAC 1947-11-05.pdf

Summary: special meeting to authorize attendance at the Pacific Northwest hearing.

HAC 1947-11-07.pdf

Summary: Northwest-Hawaii hearing; surplus aircraft; TPA request for endorsement.

HAC 1947-11-24.pdf

Summary: Kailua Airport, Oahu; appraiser’s fee for survey; landing charges, Kahuku Airport; Kahului lease; service station concession; Trans Air Hawaii requst for quonset hut; Maunaloa Road through Molokai Airport; Kailua Airport Hawaii; public hearing on rules & regulations; Puunene Airport; Bellows Field approval for light aircraft; Kamuela Airport opening.

HAC 1947-12-01.pdf

Summary: Director’s trip to Washington; electricity for Kahului Airport; Bellows Field; plans & specs for Port Allen; restudy for rates for buildings on airport; leases for K-T and Hawaiian School of Aeronautics; flower concession bids; restaurant bids; vending machines; South Cape Airport; barber shop & porter concessions; Airways Hotel lease.

HAC 1947-12-15.pdf

Summary: student solo flying; Hawaiian Airlines Terminal, Hilo; erection of hangars; procedures for airport construction; Airways Hotel rental rates; water, HNL; delinquent accounts; Puunene Airport employee policy.

HAC 1947-12-29.pdf

Summary: employee matter at Kahului Airport; Hana inspection trip; meeting procedure; Woolley delinquency.

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