HAC Minutes 1951

HAC 1951-01-22.pdf

Summary: Runway 8, HNL; police & firemen guard detail, HNL; sketches of Hilo Terminal approved; Kona Airport beacon & runway addition; Kona freight terminal; Kamuela Terminal rates; construction of paved areas Lanai Airport; surveys & estimates for Kamuela Airport; Lihue Freight Terminal; reduction of loan for Lihue; Lihue runway extension; fencing at HNL; Kipapa Control Tower; coffee shop, HNL; Hawaiian School of Aeronautics proposal; budget.

HAC 1951-01-29.pdf

Summary: fencing, HNL; gas tax; delinquent accounts; police, HNL; appraisal Damon Estate; HAC budget.

HAC 1951-02-08.pdf

Summary: Kona Freight Terminal; budget; Lihue Air Freight Terminal; paving at Lihue Freight Terminal; Lihue hangars; Lihue runway extension & runway lights; lease of land to Lihue plantation; parking at Lihue; landscaping at Lihue.

HAC 1951-02-19.pdf

Summary: HAC legal matters; police protection, HNL; Airport Fire Department; T-hangars, Kona & Lihue; Hilo Terminal; engineering contract for Theodore Vierra for Hilo terminal; Hawaiian School of Aeronautics proposal; widening of Runway 8, HNL; budget; Schedule of Rates & Charges; leasing of land to Lihue Plantation; taxi lease; Hilo Terminal brochure; fencing, HNL; restaurant alternations HAL side, HNL; leases; Snack Bar, Overseas Terminal, HNL; terminal expansion, HNL; airport gift shop expansion, HNL; parking meters, HNL.

HAC 1951-03-05.pdf

Summary: Master Plan, HNL; police & firemen, HNL; budget; TPA’s account; Hilo Terminal drawings.

HAC 1951-03-19.pdf

Summary: termination of services Clark M. Kee; Upolu Point Airport; Kipapa Tower; delinquent accounts; TPA’s account; Kau report; relief for private aviation schools; Kamuela Airport progress; passenger shed at Kalaupapa Airport; Lihue Airport Runway Extension; fencing HNL; improvements to quonset huts, HNL; Lihue Airport lease to Lihue Plantation; Air Force lease; airport at Lahaina; signing of leases; electrical system, HNL; Territorial disaster relief; police & fire protection, HNL; budget; photo concession, HNL; removal of positions from civil service jurisdiction; gas tax report.

HAC 1951-04-23.pdf

Summary: federal aid for HNL terminal; gas tax; TPA;s financial statement; assistant director and engineer; Upolu Airport runway resurfacing; Kona Airport ready for night operations; CAA check flight at Naalehu; HAL freight terminal at Upolu Point; Kamuela Airport construction; Maui Waterworks Board; Lanai Airport improvements completed; airport at Lahaina; restaurant lease, Lihue Airport; Nopaero Apartments; Airport Apartments; leases; permission to sell packaged liquor; turn over of maintenance of HNL power systems to HECO; HNL perimeter fencing; widening of Runway 8, HNL; TPA’s account.

HAC 1951-05-07.pdf

Summary: leases for Spencecliff & CArlstan & CO; federal aid for Lihue Airport; tour of airports for Dept of Interior officials; Kahului NAS; available steel for Puunene Airport; gas tax discussion; TPA terminal repairs, Puunene; appointment of Clark M. Kee; federal loan for Honolulu Terminal.

HAC 1951-05-28.pdf

Summary: third phase, Lihue Airport; T-hangars, Lihue Airport; drainage, HNL; immigration & customs quonsets; parking meter contract; rehabilitation of Upolu Runway; Hilo Terminal plans; Kamuela Airport; high intensity lighting, Hilo & HNL; move of HAL & TPA to Kahului; fire engine for Molokai; public hearing on pipe lines at Puunene.

HAC 1951-06-05.pdf

Summary: rental rate, concrete first floor; improvements to Lihue Terminal; removal expenses at Kahului; Kahului Tower; federal matching funds; topographical survey at Naalehu.

HAC 1951-06-25.pdf

Summary: fencing at Kona; furnishing of Kona Terminal; Upolu terminal completed; fencing Hilo airport; Kalaupapa Airport terminal nearly finished; update on Kahului Airport; Kahului Airport terminal; park land for Kauai County; Lihue Airport extension; quonset improvements at HNL; Schedule of Rates & Charges; relocation of gift shop; major improvement & maintenance program; transfer of airport land, HNL; election of officers; passenger handling, Overseas Terminal; Hilo Flying School; Trans-Air account; replacement of Kauai Airport manager; parking meters for HNL.

HAC 1951-07-23.pdf

Summary: TPA delinquent account; designing of HNL terminal facilities; public hearing on airport regulations; proposed change from Puunene to Kahului; extension of Kona Airport; T-hangars, Kona Airport; renting of taxicab stalls at Hilo Airport; wind instruments & wind data at Naalehu; grant agreement, Lihue Airport; Kauai County Airport manager; architect fees for Lihue Terminal improvements; Puunene Airport pipe line; Kahului Terminal Building concessions; airplane storage unit, Kahului; roofing contract award & high intensity lighting, HNL; Hawaiian School of Aeronautics lease; lei sellers, HNL; airport gift shop change-over & lease; request for leases; extension of runways.

HAC 1951-08-27.pdf

Summary: lei sellers, HNL; Lihue Terminal building; emergency repair of Hilo Airport runways; t-hangars Hilo; grant agreement for Lihue Airoport 3rd phase; request for use of former club Naska; Kalaupapa airport appropriation; sale of structural steel of HC&S; bids for Kahului restaurant; availability of CAA funds; recommendations of Finance Committee; extension of runways; request from parks board for portion of airport land; temporary reconstruction Honolulu terminal; Hilo Airport plan; water tank Upolu Airport; taxicab policy.

HAC 1951-09-24.pdf

Summary: Hawaiian cold storage proposal; Pacific Collection & Salvage Co. proposal; request for parking concession; extension of runways at airports; delinquent accounts; finance committee recommendations; plans & specs of Kamuela Airport; Hilo Flying School building; Kalaupapa ceremony; tower at Naska; HAL request for freight terminal at Lanai; maintenance man for Kalaupapa; radio equipment, etc. at Kahului Airport; Kahului Runway lights; hangar rental; lei vendor’s stand; international alternate airports.

HAC 1951-10-22.pdf

Summary: Hilo Terminal building plan; Maui airport expenditures; issuance of purchase orders; Kamuela Airport cost estimates; Ground Transportation Uniform Policy (all islands); delinquent accounts; work at Upolu Airport; Puunene water lines; charge of 5% on delinquent accounts; development of new runway at Kamuela; Hilo Airport buildings; Naska Tower; Kahului Airport hangar rental rate; drainage ditch at Lanai; improvements to Overseas Terminal, HNL; additional funds to cover projects; alterations HAL Terminal, HNL; bids for Lihue Terminal.

HAC 1951-11-01.pdf

Summary: attorney for HAC; Kahului Airport expenses; policy re: issuance of purchase orders; reclassification of position; additional funds for Kahului Airport construction.

HAC 1951-11-13.pdf

Summary: postponement of ground transportation bids; award of contract for high intensity lights, HNL; High intensity lights for Hilo; grant agreement for HNL; Kahului Terminal Building plans; Kahului Terminal space requirements; increased air opration; maintenance of Kahului Airport; Kahului radio navigation facilities.

HAC 1951-11-26.pdf

Summary: Kahului Airport title; Kamuela Airport update; Hilo Terminal plans; Kahului lighting, radio beacon transmitters, wash room facilities & triple hangar; request from Maui Motor Tours; installation of sprinkler system, Overseas Terminal, HNL; auto race track; alterations to HNL; plans for lei vendor’s stands; cold storage area; Kahului terminals; finance committee recommendation; t-hangars, Kona.

HAC 1951-12-17.pdf

Summary: sale of steel, Kahului Airport; Finance Committee recommendations; repair of Hilo Airport buildings; retirement of CAA regional administrator; taxi operation at HNL.

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