TAC Minutes 1928

TAC 1928-01-05.pdf

Summary: emergency landing field at Kilauea National Park, communication from Superintendent of Public Works to assign an engineer to assist the TAC to establish airports and landing fields, proposed landing field at Territorial Fair Grounds.

TAC 1928-02-02.pdf

Summary: Clarence Young’s visit; radio beacon at Hilo Airport, proposed landing field at Paukukalo, Wailuku.

TAC 1928-02-07.pdf

Summary: Itinerary for Clarence Young’s visit. Dedication of Hilo Airport Feb. 11, 1928.

TAC 1928-02-23.pdf

Summary: Aerial photography request, trucks for Hilo Airport, Territorial Fair Grounds landing strip, Maui landing field, Give up the Wailua site near Lihue Dairy, acquire land at Hanapepe and Mana for future landing sites.

TAC 1928-03-15.pdf

Summary: Maui landing field to open by October 1, 1928, surveys at Hilo and Kauai for landing fields, permission given to Hawaiian Tours to use Hilo Airport beginning March 19, 1928; Molokai Landing Field, Paukukalo Field (Wailuku), employ a secretary for the commission, request to Superintendent of Public Works to widen John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1928-03-30.pdf

Summary: clearing of Paukukalo Basin for landing field (Maui), survey of Barking Sands landing field, trans-ocean non-stop air flights, suggested field rules, donation of a cup for the Star Bulletin Inter-island Airplane Model Contest.

TAC 1928-04-12.pdf

Summary: condemnation of Old Race Track at Lahaina, Executive Order for the transfer of jurisdiction of land adjoining the Army Field at Hanapepe, suggested field rules, review of Army Field at South Point (Hawaii), approval of Molokai Airport plans, enlargement of John Rodgers Airport runway, windsock for Lanai Airport, Charles Stoffer aeronautical school.

TAC 1928-04-23.pdf

Summary: wind vane for Molokai & Lanai landing fields, AG opinion on whether the Commission may charge fees for the use of its various airports and landing fields, aerial photography, Charles Stoffer’s use of John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1928-05-14.pdf

Summary: TAC may charge fees for the use of its various airports and landing fields and the facilities erected on them. Funds will be payable to the General Fund of the territory. A bill to be introduced in next Legislature to establish this. Paukukalo & Lahaina landing fields; Executive Order turning over Mana, Kauau, field to TAC; EO for land at Hanapepe (Kauai); Molokai Field improvements; Hilo Airport.

TAC 1928-05-31.pdf

Summary: fencing for Molokai airport, Hanapepe field, wind vane at Army landing field at Waimanalo, Lanai landing field, OR&L landing field at Kawailoa (Oahu), suggested field rules, deed received for 54.49 acres at Paukukalo (Maui), EO 331 for territorial airport at Mana (Kauai), cease work at Paukukalo and secure Kanaha Ponds, Old Race Track (Lahaina), Kingsford-Smith flight.

TAC 1928-06-08.pdf

Summary: Charles Fern & Kauai landing fields; approve suggested field rules; obtain fill material from Fort DeRussy for John Rodgers Airport; Barking Sands; Wailua Mauka (Kauai) field; clearing Hanapepe Field.

TAC 1928-07-02.pdf

Summary: OR&L landing field at Kawailoa (Oahu), legislation on aeronautics, Lanai landing field, , road to Wailua Mauka, fence around Molokai Airport, aerial photography, upgrading John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1928-10-24.pdf

Summary: Composition of Commission per Act 238; Territory of Hawaii Airport Rules approved by Governor on July 9, 1928. Wailua Mauka airfield; Oakland Airport; aerial photography; survery of Kihei Flats (Maui), inter-island service by seaplane; oil dressing on John Rodgers Airport; Hilo Airport prisoners; Hilo Runway extension; U.S. Weather Bureau; radio beacons & meteorological stations; Molokai Airport; bids for grading & clearing at Port Allen (Hanapepe); landing field near Halemaumau Pit; Act of Congress to authorize the leasing of public lands for aviation; landing field at Hanakaoo (Lahaina); Koko Head landing field.

TAC 1928-11-19.pdf

Summary: Special meeting to discuss budget to present to Legislature.

TAC 1928-11-23.pdf

Summary: Biennium budget; radio beacons; Koko Head emergency field; John Rodgers construction; landing field at Hanakaoo (Maui); Hilo Airport survey; Port Allen improvements; Kilauea Crater landing field; hangars at airports; rules for private landing fields; examination of candidates for private and commercial pilots licenses; Chamber of Commerce attempt to abolish TAC

TAC 1928-12-14.pdf

Summary: minimum requirements for airports and landing fields; Koko Head emergency landing field; John Rodgers Airport improvements; Port Allen (Hanapepe) improvements; field trip to review Maui landing fields; trip to Mainland to study aviation matters.

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