Old Terminal

The old Terminal at Honolulu International Airport was located on the South Ramp. Operations at the old terminal ceased on October 14, 1962 and were switched to the new Terminal on the North Ramp.

Construction of New Terminal

Construction of the new terminal for Honolulu International Airport began in 1959 and continued through mid-1992. Also being constructed were Ewa and Diamond Head Gull Wings, roadways, an Administration Building, Ticket Lobby, aprons, hardstands, and more.

Dedication of New Terminals

Honolulu International Airport's Interisland Terminal was dedicated in 1961, and the Overseas Terminal was dedicated on August 22, 1962 during the annual conference of lther Airport Operators Council. On the day of the dedication, Pan American World Airways delayed its Flight No. 843 from San Francisco for 50 minutes to preface the formal program with the first commercial jet arrival at the new Terminal. All operations ceased at the old Terminal at midnight, October 14, 1962 and the first passengers from the new Terminal departed for Japan shortly after midnight the following day.

New Terminal

A variety of photos showing the new Terminal complex and activities at HNL.

Arthur Godfrey Roadway

On July 12, 1964 the roadway in front of the Lei Stands at HNL was dedicated to legendary entertainer Arthur Godfrey. The ukulele-strumming Godfrey had been visiting the islands and promoting them on his nationally-televised radio and television shows for more than 20 years. He was a life-time aviation buff and held a commercial airline pilot certificate. He was a pilot/ambassador for Eastern Airlines and even took pilot certification lessons from Hawaiian Airlines.

Aloha Airlines

Aloha Airlines was one of two interisland air carriers in Hawaii during the 1960s.

Ansett-ANA Airlines

Ansett-ANA Prop Jet Electra at Honolulu International Airport 1960.

'60s Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines was one of two interisland carriers in Hawaii in the 1960s.

'60s United Airlines

United Airlines dedicates its DC-8 Jetliner Waipahu at HNL in 1960.

Misc. HNL Photos

Photos of Pan American Airways, Air New Zealand, TEAL Jet Prop and map of Teal routes.