HNL Terminals

Construction continued on the Gull Wings, and Overseas and International Terminal facilities at HNL in the 1970s.

Aerial Photos HNL

Aerial photos of the HNL complex, including the terminal and runways.

Reef Runway Construction

Construction of the Reef Runway at HNL began in May 1973 and was completed in September 1977. The runway is 12,000 feet long by 200 feet wide and was built completely offshore. The runway, known as 8R/26L was dedicated for use on October 14, 1977 at a final cost of $81 million. In a tribute to the engineering achievements of the Reef Runway the project received three awards: The 1978 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Nominee, American Society of Civil Engineers; One of the Ten Outstanding Engineering Achievements in the United States in 1977, National Society of Professional Engineers; and the Aviation Environment Award, Federal Aviation Administration.

Lei Stands

The giving of lei is a long standing tradition in Hawaii. As far back as the 1940s lei makers would pick flowers from their yards and string lei. Then they'd drive to the airport on Lagoon Drive, park their cars and trucks and sell lei to those greeting arriving passengers. Recognizing the importance of making visitors welcome in Hawaii, the Hawaii Aeronautics Commission completed construction of new Lei stands on Lagoon Drive at the entrance to the airport on June 19, 1952. Lei Stands were rebuilt along Rodgers Boulevard at the entrance to the new terminal in 1962. In 1978, the lei stands were relocated again to make room for the H-1 Freeway ramps to the airport.

HNL Entry Road Fountain

A large lava rock fountain was constructed at the main entrance to the airport in 1964. Its location near the Lei Stands had more than a few children dipping their toes into the water while their parents selected lei. Colored lights showcased the fountain at night. The fountain was moved in the 1970s to make room for the construction of the ramps connecting the airport to the H-1 Freeway.

Aircraft at HNL

Interisland, Domestic and International carriers served HNL during the 1970s.