Kona International Airport at Keahole


Island Hoppers tour plane vanishes over Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

September 23, 1995

A student pilot crashed into the runway while trying to land, nosing over. One minor injury.

September 10, 1989

The pilot of an Aero Commander 680 was making an emergency landing on RW 17 due to loss of power in the right engine. He crashed about 1/4 mile SW of the runway. One fatality and one serious injury.

September 11, 1997

An Aloha Airlines 737 with 75 passengers aboard landed safely after pressurization was lost in the cabin following take-off from Hilo Airport on a Honolulu-bound flight.

December 12, 1995

A Classic Aircraft Waco YMF, collided with a Cessna 172N, while taxiing on the runway. The planes were in an area not supervised by the FAA. The pilots reported not seeing each other. No injuries.

June 24, 1983

A Mid-Pacific YS-11 turbo prop, inbound from Honolulu rolled off the end of the Keahole runway just after the plane landed. While braking near the end of the runway, the plane apparently skidded and blew a tire on its right front landing gear, banking slightly to its right before coming to a stop. No one was injured.

March 9, 1980

An engine shutdown accompanied by a loud explosion occurred as a Hawaiian Airlines DC-9 took off enroute to Honolulu. The pilot circled and returned to Keahole Airport without incident. There were no injuries.

August 25, 1977

An Air Cargo Hawaii twin-engine turbo-prop Skyvan crashed and burned while attempting to land at Keahole Airport. The pilot and passenger were killed. The crash occurred about 1 1/2 miles short of the runway.