Lanai Airport


Plane crash off Lanai kills 3 and injures 3.  The plane carrying 5 Maui County employees crashed just before 9:23.

February 26, 2014

A twin engine Piper PA31 Navajo aircraft crashed one mile east southeast of Lanai Airport. The pilot and three passenger died, with two passengers critically injured, who survived.

December 12, 1992

A Cessna 185F was on a Trans Pacific ferry flight and made an emergency landing at Lanai Airport after the engine quit. The pilot maneuvered to a grassy area near the departure end of the runway and collided with a berm hidden in the tall grass. No injuries.

February 14, 1992

The pilot of a Beech D-18H was uninjured when he made a hard landing after a strong gust of wind stopped suddenly and the aircraft dropped to the runway.

March 6, 1990

The pilot of a Cessna 208B making an emergency landing, landed short of the runway in a field. No injuries.

January 12, 1987

A Cessna 172 was flipped by a strong gust of wind as it was taxiing for takeoff. The pilot and passenger were not injured but the plane was destroyed.

September 2, 1987

A twin-engine DeHavilland interisland air cargo plane was low on fuel and was forced to land on a highway about a mile from Lanai Airport. The pilot was not injured.