TAC Minutes 1931

TAC 1931-01-07.pdf

Summary: airport in Lihue District; additional prison labor at John Rodgers Airport; upgrades to Kalaupapa & Molokai fields; budget; student planes landing at Rodgers Airport; coral used on Waiakea Airport; construction program for JRA; removal of trees at Upolu Point; Commission’s inspection trip.

TAC 1931-01-21.pdf

Summary: construction update for John Rodgers Airport; Sikorsky planes too large to land at Kaulapapa; radio communication; air mail service for Hawaii; coral for Hilo Airport; accident at JRA.

TAC 1931-02-04.pdf

Summary: Landing field at Kona; fencing at John Rodgers Airport; update to Governor on Kalaupapa; airport in Lihue; Army Fokker.

TAC 1931-02-18.pdf

Summary: consideration of Wailua Park as Lihue airport; loading platform for Port Allen Airport; glider crash at John Rodgers Airport; leveling of sand dune at Kalaupapa; clearing field at Molokai; grading at Upolu Point; update on JRA coral and fencing; radio communication for inter-island ships; EO restored a portion of Upolu Point Landing Field to the territory; mechanics piloting Inter-Island planes.

TAC 1931-03-04.pdf

Summary: Kalaupapa landing field; airport in Lihue district; statement of expenditures; Molokai airport and emergency landing field; Koholalele landing, emergency field; dismiss employees use prison labor at John Rodgers to cut costs; buildings at end of crosswind runway at Hilo; crosswind runway for Maalaea.

TAC 1931-03-25.pdf

Summary: rock removal at Molokai; no storage of planes outside of hangars at John Rodgers Airport; glider crash at JRA; development of Kalaupapa Landing Field; removal of shacks at end of Hilo runway; Inter-Island Airways prefers Port Allen Airport to Lihue; estimates for Wailua Park site; Koholalele landing is preferred choice on Hamakua Coast by Inter-Island Airways; co-pilots flying Inter-Island Airways planes; Upolu Point landing field; funds available for development of airports.

TAC 1931-04-08.pdf

Summary: reserve stores & radio stations on Molokai Airport; hauling of coral from Navy yard to John Rodgers Airport; balance of funds; forced landing on Molokai; emergency field in Koko Head District; Hamakua Coast emergency landing field.

TAC 1931-04-22.pdf

Summary: funds for next biennium; commission expenditures; forced landings by Inter-Island Airways; transfer of portin of Molokai Airport property to Army; hauling of coral for John Rodgers Airport; applicant for Superintendent of Airports.

TAC 1931-05-06.pdf

Summary: report on plane flying over restricted area; new airport rule regarding landing prior to arrival of transport plane; forced landing Inter-Island Airways; coral for John Rodgers Airport; improvement on Damon Estate Property for JRA.

TAC 1931-05-20.pdf

Summary: application for Superintendent of Airports; adoption of new airport rule; bids for Lihue airport; coral being hauled & spread at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1931-06-10.pdf

Summary: Superintendent of Airports; extension of runway at John Rodgers Airport; blue print for field at Lihue District; status of funds; report on Inter-Island Airways Sikorsky accident; forced landing of American Eagle; landing field at Kalaupapa; salaries of commission employees; permission to stage parachute jump at JRA; storage space for coral at JRA; gaoline supply for next year.

TAC 1931-06-24.pdf

Summary: fill at John Rodgers Airport; OK to pass the hat at parachute jump exhibition; spreading oil on airport; concrete flume under crosswind takeoff; contract for gasoline; coral from Pearl Harbor; employment of laborers; airport in Lihue District.

TAC 1931-07-08.pdf

Summary: small fund for airport development 1931-1933; airport on Kalaupapa; update on clelaning of Hoolehua airport; license to be granted to War Department for section of Molokai Airport; Wailua Airport; Superintendent of Airports; development plans for JRA.

TAC 1931-07-22.pdf

Summary: Army planes flying at low altitudes; Molokai Airport lighthouse site; paving strip in front of rest house at Hoolehua Airport; coral supply John Rodgers Airport; dumping pinepple skins at JRA.

TAC 1931-08-05.pdf

Summary: Army planes flying low in Kailua Beach vicinity; update on Wailua Airport; special fund for Molokai; request from Navy to use Hilo Airport; request fron Inter-Island re garbage dump at Hilo; report on Rodgers Airport; landing field at Mokapu.

TAC 1931-08-19.pdf

Summary: contract awarded for Wailua Airport; asphalt for Hoolehua; subfill completed on main takeoff at John Rodgers Airport, prisoners now covering it with surface coral; flag to be hoisted prior to landing of transport ships; update on Koholalele Landing Field; emergency landing area Ala Moana.

TAC 1931-09-02.pdf

Summary: Wailua Airport bids; prisoner work on John Rodgers Airport; student pilot incident at JRA; improvements at Upolu.

TAC 1931-09-16.pdf

Summary: blueprint for Kalaupapa; asphalt macadam landing strip for Molokai; algeroba trees at Molokai and Maalaea Airports; John Rodgers Airport operations; licenses Inter-Island Airways.

TAC 1931-10-01.pdf

Summary: blueprint for Kalaupapa airport; oil spread at John Rodgers Airport; Inter-Island Airways training its pilots and co-pilots as radio operators; pilot instruction; survey of proposed Koholalele landing field; progress on Hilo Airport & Lihue District Airport.

TAC 1931-10-15.pdf

Summary: prison labor not available for Molokai Airport; unsafe to land on runway at Maalaea during wet weather; request from Army for searchlight position at John Rodgers Airport; glider contest.

TAC 1931-10-29.pdf

Summary: progress of work at Wailua Airport; request to Damon Estate to remove loose coral for John Rodgers Airport; clearing at Molokai Airport; clearing kiawe trees at Maalaea Airport; Glider contest.

TAC 1931-11-18.pdf

Summary: report on Kauai; Army warehouse at Molokai Airport.

TAC 1931-12-03.pdf

Summary: bids for Wailua Airport; flying school at Hilo; drainage ditch at Maalaea Airport; coral hauling at John Rodgers Airport.

TAC 1931-12-16.pdf

Summary: specifications for additional work at Wailua Airport; flying instruction rules; coral hauling for John Rodgers Airport; radio masts at Port Allen Airport; strip of land for Ahukini Railway right-of-way; surplus funds for Upolu Point landing field; student pilot incident.

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